Dee´ja Peak



Here we have a map by Silverfoxx.

The map, from what I've gathered, it supposed to be a Naboo city clustered in a volcanic crater. The Republic gets a bunch of snazzy new skins for their units, though the commander unit has been removed and replaced with an uber jet trooper. He has an EMP launcher and, instead of a commando pistol, a DC-15A blaster rifle. The CIS is mainly unchanged. Both sides have the basic rifles with infinite ammo. One thing to note is that the sniper/sharpshooter completely lacks a sidearm and the Engineer cannot safely switch weapons; if you go from the rifle (not shotgun) to the fusion cutter, it will get stuck and you will be unable to switch back. The GCW sides are basically unchanged apart from the infinite ammo thing.

Onto the map itself. The map is, as previously stated, situated in a crater. Otherwise, the ground is almost completely flat within the streets, save for a few instances of elevation. None of the default munged ground textures (from what I could tell) were replaced. The objecty placement with the Naboo buildings and poles/lamps was alright, though it felt off for some reason. On one occasion I spotted the AI in a hovertank get stuck behind a pole.

For what the map is supposed to be, I think it succeeds there. My only suggestions (from what I could see wrong) is to fix the sidearm bug, give the sniper a backup weapon of some sort, use some more textures (a tile/street texture...for the streets), and make some more raised parts in the map. Otherwise, you've got the right idea here. Download away if this sounds good to any of you.

~Penguin Unit~



High Jedi General: Master Mace Windu

Systems Army Alpha.

1st Sector Army 

4th Star Corps.

Commander Sky and Jedi Master Mace Windu.


   The Confederacy of Independent Systems has began a huge campaigne affecting more than a dozen of planetary systems, 
including the Naboo System, to erradicate the Army of the Republic´s presence in this places.
   The Naboo System is located near the Oute Rim´s territory, area being covered by the 4th Sector Army, 
but the High jedi Council has decided that the relevance of this System is too important to be left in the hands of anyone, 
so Jedi Master Mace Windu is moving his forces from the 1st Sector Army to the Outer Rim to deal with this invation in person.
   He has personally chosen on of the best Corps in the Systems Army Alpha: The 4th Star Corps, under the leading of Commander Sky
to deal with the growing menace of the CIS.
   Most of the CIS´army is gathered in the Gallo Mountains, a huge geographical accident that divides the entire continent.
The first strike is going to be given in one of the oldests cities of the region: Dee´ja Peak. The conquest is not going to be 
easy due to the position of the main strategic points to be taken; the city is in a volcanic crater and it´s walls are covered with 
perfect spots for sniping and surprise hits. 


-First of all I apologyze because of my english (My language is spanish)
-I´ve done quite a lot of research but not everything is accurated. The divisions and ranks are "real", but not the name of the Corps
or it´s Commander. The CIS´s Campaigne is also real but a little bit different. Do some research and you´ll see what I´m talking about.
-The GCW is there and you can play it but nothing has been changed.
-I have no idea about this "Beta" things and version0.90, version0.95, etc, so I´ll just leave the name of the map like that and maybe I´ll 
upload this map again with some features when I learn more about maping, what get´s me to the next point:
-THIS IS MY FIRST MAP EVER SO DON´T EXPECT TO MUCH. To "counterbalance" this I´ve put some good energies in the story. 
-You should turn your details distance (or something like that) to the top ´cause there´s plenty to see in the distance.

-Some textures are missing. Probably you won´t even notice them.
-AI is too easy to defeat. Set the difficulty to hard.


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