listed as a 2.0 version, but the changes made to this are really quite minor - some model updates were mentioned (although they weren't anything really obvious), and some changes were mentioned relating to balance and planning, which are hard to discern.All in all, it plays pretty much like the last version of the map, and it carries with it the same pluses and minuses. It's always nice to see a map like this where the author makes such a concerted effort to add in new models and vehicles, and in that regard the map is significantly above average. However, just as mentioned in the previous review, playing through the map is an exercise in patience - not a lot of progress is made and it feels like you die often. While a stalemate-type scenario may be accurate for this kind of setting, it isn't really fun.I also noticed some of the same localization/HUD icon issues as last time, as well as some planning hiccups (AI running into buildings/props).All in all, this is a creative, if a little flawed, map, just as its previous version was. If you liked the previous version, you'll like this one, and if you haven't given it a try, go ahead and give it one.-Mav


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