Desparate Measures



This is one of those maps you make when your reallly bored. It allows you to do some really weird stuff, as listed below. You can walk/land on a CIS Flagship (fly close to the ship on the top, and land) There are AT-TEs on a CIS flagship. You can walk/land on a republic flagship (the bridge, and if you notice on the oposite side of the battle on the ships hull, you notice there is a circle painted on it, you can land on that.) No shields over the landing bay- meaning you can walk out of there, shoot into and out of the docking bay. Play as Anakin, the rebelling clone commander from Kamino, Jango Fett, and Count Dooku. Land on the CIS tower. Land/walk on republic frigate (on the square section of the hull nearest the republic flagship)


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