Dobido: Deep Crater

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This map, by Jaspo, is a large asteroid-al moon-pit thing. The map is set in a large pit with a bunch of rocks and some tunnels in the center.

As far as design goes, it's an interesting one. It's really big. If you know me, you know that this is usually a knock against the map. This map is well-filled for being as large as it is, which is a point in its favor. It is still pretty huge, and there is a lot of running around - this is the biggest complaint I usually have with too-large maps, and it's still valid here. As I moved towards the end of the map, I was simply chasing the last handful of reinforcements around a huge map, never being quite able to capture the last CPs since they were spread so far apart.

The map looks pretty good, though, and it fits its theme well. There's not a lot of variability - it's all sand and rocks, but it's a relatively unique-looking bit of sand and rock. It's not all Geonosis-y or Tatooine-y. All the units are units "fit" to be low-atmosphere worthy, which means that there is the strange issue of Fetts working for the good guys.

In any case, it's a decent-looking map, as all of Jaspo's are, and something worth a download. Give it a try.




Dobido: Deep Crater 1.1
by Jaspo

The 3 letter code for this map is DDC.

CW and GCW era conquest and 2 flag CTF
Hero Assault
Lazer Tag if you have that mod of mine installed (ie, if LTS.lvl is in the Battlefront II side folder)

To Install:
Put the DDC folder in your addon folder. If you do not have one, make one in
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData

This map is a total remake of the former occupant of my data_DDC folder.
I am using this new version with the Extended Galactic Conquest on which I am currently working.
Dobido is the smallest moon of Sernpidal. It lacks atmosphere, so anyone wishing to occupy it must not
forget to bring a space suit. Thus the custom sides.

To use the custom units in your own map...well, here, I will simply dump the contents of that part of my mission script below:
(note that the _space units are parented by the regular ones listed above, so they must also be called, as shown below)



all = {
team = ALL,
units = 60,
reinforcements = 300,
soldier = { "all_inf_pilot_space", 5,15},
pilot = { "all_inf_rifleman_space",10,40},
assault = { "all_inf_rocketeer_space",5,15},
engineer = { "all_inf_engineer_space",2,10},
sniper = { "all_inf_sniper_space",5,15},
marine = { "all_inf_marine_space", 5,15},
officer = { "all_inf_officer_space",2,10},
special = { "all_inf_special_space",2,10},
imp = {
team = IMP,
units = 60,
reinforcements = 300,
soldier = { "imp_inf_pilot", 5,15},
pilot = { "imp_inf_rifleman_space",10,40},
assault = { "imp_inf_rocketeer_space",5,15},
engineer = { "imp_inf_engineer_space",2,10},
sniper = { "imp_inf_sniper_space",5,15},
marine = { "imp_inf_marine_space",5,15},
officer = { "imp_inf_officer_space",2,10},
special = { "imp_inf_dark_trooper_space",2,10},

SetHeroClass(ALL, "imp_hero_bobafett")
SetHeroClass(IMP, "imp_hero_darthvader")

Changes since 1.0:
-Space side file moved to addon folder and referenced accordingly.
-Added a few rocks to the cave to make it look a little nicer.

Changes since beta version:
-Enabled Shadows
-Increased light brightness (higher RGB values)
-color balanced prop textures to better match terrain textures
-added cliffs to crater walls
-updated the loadscreen image
-altered the location of one of the 2 flag CTF flags
-altered the location of the 2 flag CTF paths
-decreased unit count from 24 per side to 16 per side for 2 flag CTF
-SetAIDifficulty(0,5) for 2 flag CTF
-increased the view distances in the DDC.SKY file so that even at LOD of 0 all props remain fully visible (they have no lowrez geometry)
-streamlined the side file to reduce filesize, some changes with this are as follows:
-dark trooper is now regular dark trooper, but still takes 20 points to unlock
-gcw engineer units now require 5 pts to unlock, same as all other of the same class level
-rebel sniper now has female VO again, I guess I didn't see the need to change it the second time
-modified the rebel space suit slightly by making helmet lenses orangish rather than white
-decided to put the side file in the game's side folder, so I and others can use it elsewhere


Lucas Arts/Pandemic for everything that is there that I did not make.

Unofficial beta testers:
most notably:
and then check the beta release topic on Gametoast.com for anyone else who made suggestions.

Contact me if you wish to have any of these models to use in your map. You may use them but must give me credit.

contents of the beta readme below, for reference

This is a beta release of my redone DDC map. It is now Dobido: Deep Crater. Dobido is Sernpidal's smallest moon.
It is finished except for some polish issues; the most glaring is that the AI still run into rocks in
quite a few places, even though there are barriers placed over them.
Also, if anyone has suggestions for decreasing the size of the side file, fire away.
Because the map is on a moon without an atmosphere, I modified the rebel pilot skin to fit the imperial
pilot model, so that the rebels could also have functional space suits. Heroes for both sides are also
the stock units with no exposed skin; that meant putting the Fetts on the Rep and Reb sides, but I assume
that bounty hunters will work for anyone if the pay is high enough. That leaves Grevious for the CIS (his
spacewalking abilities were proven in EP3) and Darth Vader (not sure about the spaceworthyness of his suit,
but if I understand correctly at least in the initial creation of the character it was assumed that it would
in fact be spaceworthy).
All standard units use either the imp pilot model/new rebel skin, the imp pilot model/skin, or the ATAT pilot
model/skin. Weapons are stock but are included in the side file because I assume it is necessary; so they
are what is taking up the most filesize. if it is not necessary, please let me know.
Changes to the sides:
-normal units now unlocked after 5 points, but pilots and marines are included; pilots start unlocked, marines
unlock after 8 points. Exception is that engineers also start unlocked, because I am using the stock imp snow
engineer, and so couldn't change this, and I had to make it even for both sides so I left the rebel engineer
unlocked as well. Special class units now unlock after 20 points, and officer class after 12.
Dark trooper no longer has flight abilities, but hp is increased to 600 and agility maintained.
Wookiee warrior replaced by rebel warrior, which retains weaponry but also has 600 hp and sniper agility.
Bothan spy replaced by rebel spy, changes are simply cosmetic.
Game modes are cw/gcw conquest, cw/gcw 2 flag ctf (which is extreme close quarters), hero assault, and also
lazer tag if that mod is installed.
I intend to use this map with Extended Galactic Conquest.

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