Duel Map

dm2.zip —


map and, caveat emptor, I didn't test it as such (given that there's only one of me). However, I'm not sure that it'll be a great map in that regard, and here's why:When I spawn (on either team), I start in a big pyramid - mistake one. There is a single exit, and so if I get killed, I can easily be spawncamped by one person waiting at the exit. There's no protection for me at my own spawnpoint (AI, autoturrets, etc.) and so no incentive for the enemy to let me spawn unmolested.The middle of the map is a big open area. Mistake two. This isn't a good idea for any kind of map, really - big and open and flat is great for growing crops, but it has no real place in a game - there's nothing fun about plain plains.And an even bigger gripe - one I've mentioned before and is not related to this map in particular - this map has no AI. 99% of the time, this kind of map will be played by a solo player. The game SWBF2 doesn't support flexible use of modmaps online, that's just the way it is. A map that only works with multiple people is a map that, 99% of the time, isn't any fun.There are some basic mapping issues to address too (like don't use default everything - terrain, sky, etc.). The only really notable bug is that there's a missing texture on the waterfall prop.Now, it's a start, and the author is just learning. Here's to hoping that round two will be parsecs better.-Mav


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