Earth: Town

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"Earth: Town," by Xavious is - as you might expect from its descriptive if simple name - a town on Earth. Of course the twist here (is this really a twist?) is that we have stormtroopers and the like duking it out in this familiar setting.I am not sure if this is meant to represent an actual town somewhere, but regardless of that it is a nice setup. It was a little odd seeing the strange mix of Earth-like objects found in the town (brick houses and military bunkers side-by-side), but the concentration and use of the objects was nice enough that it could be looked past from at least a gameplay point-of-view.There are also a couple sets of custom sides; one set of sides from KotOR, another from CW (although CW uses default sides). Additionally, there is a third set of sides, a "zombie vs. humans" side that takes place in a rainy version of the normally-sunny town. This is essentially Gamorreans and Wampas vs. rifleman-esque units, although the ambiance is set well.In his readme, Xavious mentions that this is "mostly finished" and playing through it is evident that it is not "completely finished." There are a number of localization errors in the "zombie" mode, there is a weapon missing an ordnance in that same mode, and it seems like the heroes in the KotOR modes are missing attacks.Anyway, if this map looks appealing by the screenshots or review, feel free to give it a try.-Mav


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