Eddie's Kastel

Guess what? Another one of Eddie's maps has been graciously converted by Squipple!

Kastel is one of my all-time favorites. As I recall,...


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Guess what? Another one of Eddie's maps has been graciously converted by Squipple!

Kastel is one of my all-time favorites. As I recall, I permanently kept it in my AddOn folder in the good ol' Battlefront days. Good times. Not a whole lot has changed since then other than the usual BF2 units and new modes, which include both 1 Flag and 2 Flag CTF as well as Hero Assault. If you have the latest version of the SWBF1 Conversion Pack installed (you can find it over at Gametoast) then you can enjoy Classic Conquest Mode which allows players to play the map the way it was in the original game.

Though the map is still enjoyable it seems a little outdated. The map mostly consists of a single texture, with the exception of some cliffs in the background and a few roof tiles. Needless to say it sort of diminishes the visual appeal of the map and you may find your eyes to be a little bored. If you're used to the latest mod maps for BF2 or if you're just plain picky then you might find Kastel to be a bit sloppy.

This is still one of the best urban maps for Battlefront. It has a great design and you can tell that Eddie took his time placing lego after lego. Fans of close-quarters combat will love this. It's most enjoyable online with other players where you must use strategy and teamwork to succeed, whether it be CTF or Conquest. The map's design is perfect for Hero Assault so be sure to try that out as well.

In conclusion, Kastel is a classic that's still enjoyable today though slightly outdated in quality. Thank you Squipple for converting it so that newcomers to Battlefront can enjoy it just as us old-timers did!


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Download 'ed5final.zip' (21.94MB)

Eddie's Kastel - converted by squipple

Version: Final

Installation instructions: 
1. Download and install the patch if you haven't already. http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/Battlefront2.htm
2. Unzip ED5Final.zip into your "C:\Program FilesLucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon" folder. If the addon folder doesn't exist in that location, create it. 
3. Now the map will show up in the game in your list under Eddie's Kastel

About the map:
This is a BF1 map designed by Eddie.  Lots of close-quarters whats-around-the-next-corner fighting and lots of fun rooftop combat in hero assault.

GCW:Chewbacca/Boba Fett
CW:Ki-Adi-Mundi/General Grievous

Map features:
Hero Assault
Classic Conquest (if the SWBF1 mappack is installed)

Thanks to:
Teancum (for adding Classic Conquest)
Commander Fusion and Epena for a quick round of testing
GT and beta testers.

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