Eddie's Tynna Valley

Dear Reader,

Tynna Valley marks the end of Squipple's series of conversions. But who knows, Eddie still made a handful of maps that have...


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Dear Reader,

Tynna Valley marks the end of Squipple's series of conversions. But who knows, Eddie still made a handful of maps that have to yet to be converted so don't be depressed. It's been a long time since I played this map in the old Battlefront days. I remember this being one of Eddie's last maps, if not the last map. It's big. It's beautiful. It's great. It's GENERIC COMPLIMENT #47 NOT FOUND!.

I suppose I'll kick this review off with the scenery. It's very nice. You've got trees, water, buildings, rocks, more trees, uh... Okay enough of that. Bottom line: it all looks good.

Players who have the latest version of the Conversion Pack installed can enjoy Classic Conquest, and everyone can have some fun with Hero Assault and both versions of CTF. I have no idea if this works online so go try it. Chances are you'll discover that it is "something that provides mirth or amusement". Yes.

The map design is excellent. There's plenty of room for action whether it be in a tank, on foot, or in the cockpit of a starfighter. The terrain is mixed which results in some nicely varied battles. You can battle in the middle of lake, fight your way uphill, and ambush an enemy camp. All of which are fun though I prefer invading the enemy camp. However seeing as how big the map is it'd be wise for you (meaning you: the player) to set max out the unit count to fully enjoy the map.

To top it all off, Squipple has added icing to the cake by providing some nice ambient sounds as well as some of his own well-crafted models. Thank you Squipple! :D

Great map. Great job. Great fun. Just plain great.

Sincerely, [GT]EraOfDesann

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Download 'ed7final.zip' (46.71MB)

Eddie's Tynna Valley - converted by squipple

Version: Final

Installation instructions: 
1. Download and install the patch if you haven't already. http://support.lucasarts.com/patches/Battlefront2.htm
2. Unzip ED7Final.zip into your "C:\Program FilesLucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon" folder. If the addon folder doesn't exist in that location, create it. 
3. Now the map will show up in the game in your list under Eddie's Tynna Valley

About the map:
This is a BF1 map designed by Eddie.  It's been trimmed down quite a bit to keep within the constraints of Battlefront 2.
A beautiful valley setting with plenty of tanks, speeders, and flyers.  Features new models and sounds!

GCW:Leia/Cloaked Anakin
CW:Aayla Secura/Darth Maul

Map features:
Hero Assault
Classic Conquest (if the SWBF1 mappack is installed)

Thanks to:
GT and beta testers.

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