Elevator Proof of Concept map

This map shows off two different types of elevators in SWBF2. One is very simple and the other is more complex. but works much better. Chec...


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This map shows off two different types of elevators in SWBF2. One is very simple and the other is more complex. but works much better. Check the readme for additional info.

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Download 'pce_map_and_source_files_v1.zip' (21.15MB)

SWBF2 Elevator Proof of Concept map (PCE)

Map Installation:
Extract the PCE folder into your [SWBF2 game directory]\GameData\Addon folder
YOu need to have at least patch v1.1 installed.

Map source Installation: 
To see the map source or edit the map in ZeroEdit, see the readme in the 'source' directory.


The simple elevator consists of one object, the elevator, and two regions.  When a human player enters region 1 (r1), which is on top of the elevator, the elevator starts to move up.  Because the elevator object is solid, it pushes the player up with it.  When the elevator gets to its top, the elevator is high enough for the player to enter region two (r2).  As soon as the player enters r2, the elevator starts to move back down.  If the player just stands on the elevator, he/she can go up, then down, then up, etc... forever.

The complex elevator is made up of eight regions.  These regions consits of two waiting regions (r3, r4), two on elevator regions (r1, r2), and four getting off regions (r5, r5_b, r6, r6_b).  The elevator flow is as follows:

1) Person enters waiting region, r3.  Elevator region r1 activates and all other regions deactivate.
2) Elevator, moves down to r3 (if not already there).
3) The person gets on the elevator, thus entering r1.
4) When a player enters r1, the elevator starts moving upwards from the ground.  Getting off regions r6 and r6_b are activated and all other regions are deactivated.  (r6_b is needed incase the player decides to jump off the elevator before it stops at the top.)  
5) When the elevator reaches the top, the elevator pushes the player into getting off region r6.
6) When a player enters getting off region r6 or r6_b, the waiting regions (r3, r4) are activated and all other regions are deactivated.  
7) The player has now ridden the elevator from its start (bottom) to its end (top).

The elevator works in reverse from top to bottom in the same way except for region names: r3 -> r4, r1 -> r2, r6 -> r5, r6_b -> r5_b. 

When a player is riding the elevator, no other players can call the elevator (because the waiting regions are deactivated).

The complex elevator is not without faults:
	If a player died when riding the elevator and did not fall off, the waiting regions won't be reactivated.  To reset them, walk underneath the eleator then back out.
	You can make the elevator spawn on top of you by entering r1 before the elevator has had a change to move to its bottom.

The complex elevator can keep its functions and be simplified, by using timers.  

Designed and created by [RDH]Zerted, zerted+SWBF2@gmail.com, March 9th 2006, Version 1

I'd like to thank budah of www.gametoast.com who remembered the idea of creating an elevator:  http://www.gametoast.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=3868

Feel free to give/copy these files to anyone.  Please remember to credit its source and author.

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