Elite Clone Trooper Mod

This is another pretty cool mod by 666rulerofclones.

This is also a single-sided mod focusing only on the Republic. It basically changes...


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This is another pretty cool mod by 666rulerofclones.

This is also a single-sided mod focusing only on the Republic. It basically changes the Clone Trooper's models to the Armored Pilot or EP3 Clone Engineer with the snipers cape attached to them. However, the Jet Trooper remains the same model with a new skin, the other factions aren't affected. There are also a few weapon changes. As far as balance goes it is pretty balanced as the Republic aren't over powering. There weren't any other bugs that I found other than the ones mentioned in the ReadMe and it seemed neatly made.

Overall its a fun side mod and very similar to his other mods, remember to backup your original Rep lvl's before installing.

-Delta 47

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Download 'elite_clone_trooper_mod.rar' (23.12MB)

IMPORTANT: you need 7-zip to extract this

CHANGES: this mod changes all clone trooper models to the Armored Pilot (the old Clone Engineer) and adds a cape to the model. The weapon setups were changed to this:

CLONE TROOPER: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol, EMP Grenade, Thermal Detonator
HEAVY TROOPER: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonator, Time Bomb
CLONE SHARPSHOOTER: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonator, Recon Droid
CLONE ENGINEER: DN Bolt Caster, Fusion Cutter, Thermal Detonator, Mines, H/A Dispenser
CLONE COMMANDER: Chaingun, Commando Pistol, Thermal Detonator, Rally, Recon Droid
JET TROOPER: Shotgun, Commando Pistol, Wrist Rocket, Time Bomb
CLONE PILOT: Commando Pistol, Fusion Cutter, Thermal Detonator, Time Bomb
CLONE MARINE: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Thermal Detonator, Time Bomb

The Space Setups were changed as well and were made a little more realistic. ALL missiles now cost ammo. The Y-wing replaced the Arc-170 which in turn replaced the gunship, and the V-wing and the Starfighter were made more realistic as well. The Clone Trooper and the Clone Marine both carry alot more ammo for their rifles. The chaingun no longer overheats, but operates on ammo (1000 rounds per clip), have fun. The vehicles now have limited ammo for their missiles/mortars. The sniper rifle now has crosshairs and is more powerful (one hit kill). The Arc Caster is a one-hit-kill as well. I also added EMP Grenades and EMP Wrist Rockets in place of the EMP Launcher. 

Repsharpshooter for his tutorial on attaching capes to different models
Icemember for the Jet Trooper skin

The Arc-170 third person view is buggy, you cant view the ship
Geonosis Campaign (the training mission) crashes for some strange reason, but regular Geonosis works fine.

for those of you who want to start modding, visit www.gametoast.com, the people there are really helpful
this mod does not have any balance issues that i am aware of, because when i played as the CIS once i won easily (using a sniper the whole game too!)

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