Endor: Rise of the Ewoks

Wow. This mod turns Endor into a fuzzball vs. stormtrooper all out battle! You get Ewoks with all sorts of things, and best of all, Wicket i...


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Wow. This mod turns Endor into a fuzzball vs. stormtrooper all out battle! You get Ewoks with all sorts of things, and best of all, Wicket is your hero! The Readme has all the info about them, but here is a warning: This map is hard for both sides. The stormtroopers don't have DarkTroopers, so that is a minus for them. The Ewoks have spears, rocks, tinkering tools, and Wicket himself has a Morter (wow, he has a big fat morter!!), Ewok axe, and can inspire other Ewoks with Rage. Now the funniest thing that happened to me when I tested it, was wen I jumped off of a ladder, and landed next to an Imperial AT-ST, and took it down with one morter shot... cuz I had just hit that same one, and had to fall back to get some easy kills... it was wierd, a little tiny Fuzzball against a big mettle monster.


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Download 'edr_rote.zip' (41.96MB)


Endor: Rise of the Ewoks

This map is simply the default endor map with the rebel side replaced by a custom Ewok side. 
The custom Ewok side has the following classes:

Ewok Warrior: Default Ewok

Ewok Scout: Ewok with spear who has mastered the art of invisiblity

Ewok Tinkerer: Ewok with repair tool and rocks

Ewok with looted pistol: An ewok who's managed to steal an imperial blaster pistol

Ewok with looted rifle: An ewok with a stolen Stormtrooper's blaster rifle (8 points to unlock)
Ewok Chief: An ewok leader with a ceremonial axe and the power to heal (12 points to unlock)

And finally, a custom ewok hero, Wicket.

Wicket carries an ewok axe, stolen mortar launcher and may inspire other ewoks to increase their damage

Facing them are the usual array of Imperials, minus the dark trooper (he just didn't fit with the pseudo-ROTJ theme). I created this map because I was dissapointed in the Endor "hunt" mode and wanted a real ewok-stormtrooper fight. I've worked with the ewoks a fair bit and in addition to be being better armed than the default ewoks, they can use the "follow me" squad command so you can bring your whole ewok crew in SP. Enjoy!

The map is entertaining in SP, I haven't tested MP at all. 



Copy the EDR folder into LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/AddOn/


Game Modes:

The map only includes conquest and only the Galactic Civil War Era


Known Issues:

The blasters seem to grow smaller when you give them to ewoks, but maybe it's just my imagination.

Ewoks equipped with axes (modified gammorean axes) sort of "float" like jedi when they sprint, this is probably due to me not knowing what I'm doing when writing a combo file.

I'd rather ewok axes weren't quite as good at chopping up vehicles.



Leave feedback at Crichton6@yahoo.com. This is my first SWBFII mod, so any and all feedback would be appreciated.

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