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The same battle. Over and over and over.It is a little wearying and to be honest whenever I see a map with the word "Geonosis" in the title I cringe a little and say "oh well it is part of my job."Just to give a little bit of forewarning so that you know where I'm coming from in terms of seeing this map in this game.In any case, this version of Geonosis, by Battlefront_conquer, happens to be a (new?) version of one of the earlier listed maps (I am sure you can find it, it's the only one up there called... no, wait, whoops.) It appears to be by and large unchanged, so many of the points from the earlier review hold true for this one.The highlights of the map are the somewhat-varied prop placement (they're still all Geonosis props for the most part, though) and probably the vehicle setups. The vehicles are somewhat more balanced (in fact the spider droids may now be a little too powerful) against each other, and the AT-TEs aren't restricted to being command walkers.The downside - the big downside - is the size of the map. It's far, far too large. It takes, literally, minutes to run from one to another. Of course, as with all maps too large for themselves, there's no real point to capturing command posts; the map is going to be won by killing the most amount of enemies anyway. The size of the map hurts it on another front as well - despite the fact that the author increased the number of units to a 400-lag-inducing-units, there still doesn't feel like there's a lot of action (except for the vehicles, which there are probably too many of as well, because they're all clumped together).As mentioned before, it might be a better map if the size were reduced. Right now it is just excessive, and it's a little disappointing to see that nothing was done between the previous release and this one to fix it.-Mav

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