Episode V: Hoth

Ok so this is Hoth. I'm not sure if this is a first time map because it's well done but it's the first from tis user.

So this is the b...


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Ok so this is Hoth. I'm not sure if this is a first time map because it's well done but it's the first from tis user.

So this is the battle of hoth from Episode 5. You can only play as the empire which is weird cuz in the pics your against the empire.

Anyways This map is very big like hoth. The Imps have at least 20 AT-STs and 3 AT-ATs so you would think you have an uphill advantage. Your Wrong. See there's a large snow field. You start at the end. The rebels at the beginning with a steady Line of Turrets and trenches. It'll take forever for you to run so you hop into a vehicle. But by then the rebels are blasting turrets at you and there are snowspeeders (they have at lest 8 that continuly spawn, so about 16 on the field) everywhere. Behind the turrets and trenches, there's a hill. One big fat hill, the type AT-ATs have difficulty climbing. But luckily there's a valley you can go through. On the side, it takes time. So i suggest taking an AT-ST over the hill. Very few go over the hill with vehicles they stay on the other side of the hill blasting rebels. SO your over the hill. You have another huge snow field . after you cross that you got a generator to the left a hanger to the right. Plus alot of rebels, tauntauns. and snowspeeders. So choose your way. Now my favorite part, the hanger is connected to a system of tunnels with rooms from Tantive IV. They are connected every where and it's really fun going is as Vader and having Tunnel fights. :D Thy conect to other hangers and small bunkers all over the battle field. and to a valley with rebel cruisers in it. Did I mention Luke is running around to add to the matter?

So that's the re-view. I didn't see many bugs either so this is an all around good map.

There are 2 modes Conquest/Assault (I forget which one it is) and XL they are both Imps VS Rebs.

So this is over all a pretty good map.


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Download 'episodev_hoth.zip' (163.7MB)

Episode V: Hoth

This is a map of the epic battle on hoth. I tried to keep the map and characters as close to the movies as possible.
this map features 30-48 ATSTs, 4 ATATs, A ton of TaunTauns, an almost unlimited supply of snow speeders, and about 230 ai units on the map at one time. I spent many hours on this map and I hope you enjoy it.

Install- Take the folder, E5H, and copy it to your Addon folder.

Please send feedback because it is only a beta at this time and I know there will be complaints for many reasons.
If you wish to, write me at [email protected]
created by Jake AKA Battlefront conquer.

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