Eriadu: Mountaintop City

Wow, it's nice to see a map that's not Yavin/Tatooine/Geonosis-based for a change. This map, Eriadu: Mountaintop City, by bobfinkl, is an ur...


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Wow, it's nice to see a map that's not Yavin/Tatooine/Geonosis-based for a change. This map, Eriadu: Mountaintop City, by bobfinkl, is an urban map with a foggy, Mygeeto-ish atmosphere.

The first thing I noticed when I loaded up the map was the loadscreen, which a lot of modders overlook. A nice little touch, as the small little things really can can add up. Speaking of small things, the title of the map was localized as "Eriadu: Mountaintop city," wherein city should be capitalized, since it's a part of the title and hence a proper noun. Bah, I'm starting to sound like an English teacher. Moving on. Where was I... ah, I believe I was just spawning. Oh, look, a minimap! How cool. From the minimap you can see both sides of the city, which are seperated by two bridges.

When I spawned, I saw the fog, which looked very nice. There were some Mygeeto props mixed in with the grey and blue buildings (which you can see in the screenshots) and it all looked great. I also noticed Republic gunships and vulture droids flying around in the sky. Very, very nice. I have but one problem with all of this, and it is the grey and blue buildings. There's no variation! All of them look exactly the same. It would be nice if some of them were colored a different shade, or if some of them actually had an interior of some sort besides just an empty room.

Gameplay was great; I actually felt immersed in the battle, a feeling I don't get from very many maps. I liked the placement and number of the Command Posts, as it encouraged the use of strategy. I found the Follow Me command somewhat useful on this map. Balance was tipped slightly in the favor of the Republic/Empire, but it wasn't hugely noticable. There were some AI problems as well- running into walls, walking off buildings- but again, not a big problem.

There's some custom sides too; they're fairly simple, but they work. And that about sums it up. The only real complaints I have are the ones mentioned above. If you've got some spare time, go ahead and give this map a download; you won't regret it.


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Download '' (54.48MB)

Eriadu: Mountiantop City

CW story: After weeks of continuous fighting the Republic has the CIS cornered in a small city on two plateaus the Republic sends the 450th elites to wipe out the remaning droids, unbeknownst to them Darth Maul has come to assist the droid and destroy the 450th elites so reinforcements can arrive.
GCW story: After the first battle of Eriadu during the Clone Wars the city has become a Rebel base and a staging point for many raids across the planet, the Empire has discovered this hideout and is preparing to wipe out the Rebel garrison and reclaim the city.

1. Unzip folder
2. Copy and paste this in your addon folder (make one if you don't have one)


Theultimat: Loadscreen, Beta testing
Fai222: Beta testing
RepSharpShooter: the DMI pack which included almost all the objects I used  
Xavious: Helping fix my rainshadow regions
Culvar: Saving my map from a localization error
Ka-Ching: Beta testing
Kfm946: Beta Testing and Minimap
Mr.Dude121: Beta Testing
Nukes: Beta Testing
Philomen007: Beta Testing
Drksdetyrranus: Beta Testing
S.H.I.E.L.D.: Beta Testing
TheUltimat: Beta Testing
Fiminopter: Beta Testing
Yodakid: Making Common.lvl for loadscreen
Kaching: Beta Testing
Datinmadnx2: Beta Testing
Black9_Knight: Beta Testing

If I missed anyone please say so it's very hard to keep track of this many people.


Improvements from v1.0:
Minimap added
New loadscreen
Many more objects and new cps
Skins improved (more dirty)
Added Support class
More health+ammo droids
Much much more

All sides are custom and totally canon to all the movies with one weapon to all units except heroes and snipers (and grenades + buffs)

Basic Class setup:
Soldier: Base soldier class is a balance between Heavy Gunner and sniper
Sniper: Has most powerful weapon, very fast and accurate, lowest health
Support: Provides cover support with slow powerful weapon and health and ammo supplies to troops
Heavy Gunner: Has strongest/fastest weapon, most health, Slowest unit, innacurate weapon

Rebel Soldier: Blaster Rifle
Rebel Marksman: Sniper rifle
Rebel Trooper: Stolen E-5 Blaster Rifle
Rebel Field Commander: Modified Blaster Rifle (this is just a beefed up rebel soldier with a strong blaster and more health)
Hero: Han solo

Imperial Stormtrooper: Blaster Rifle
Scout Trooper: Sniper Rifle
Imperial Solder: E-11m Blaster Rifle
Imperial Heavy Gunner: Heavy Blaster rifle (unit is a enlarged stormtrooper with a large weapon and more health can inspire anger in units)
Hero: Boba Fett

(Automatically set to hard)Republic: 
450th Clone Trooper: Blaster Rifle
450th Clone Sniper: Sniper Rifle
450th Clone Support Trooper: DC-15s Carbine
Galactic Marine: Advanced Rifle
Hero: Obi-wan

(Automatically set to easy)CIS: 
B1 Battle Droid: Blaster Rifle
Assasin Droid: Sniper Rifle
B1 Support Droid: E-11m Blaster Rifle
B2 Super Battle Droid: Laser Cannon (An enlarged Super Battle droid with a very strong innacurate weapon)
Hero: Darth Maul

Legal Stuff: 


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