Eriadu: Mountaintop City

I want to start by saying that I really like the concept of this map, Eriadu: Mountaintop City, by bobfinkl. It's rare to see urban m...


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I want to start by saying that I really like the concept of this map, Eriadu: Mountaintop City, by bobfinkl. It's rare to see urban maps get created, and I like the idea of adding rain to an urban map.

This map features two large plateaus, each with a number of buildings on them, connected by a bridge. Visibility is low, but that works here, since you're basically in alleyways all the time anyway.

The problem with this map is that, beyond the concept, it kind've falls flat. Aside from the buildings themselves, very few props were used, and so there is very much the appearance of only a shell of a town - it just doesn't look real. Also, the uniformity of the setup makes any sense of size of the map really hard to tell - everything looks the same. And there's a problem with lag/FPM reduction, probably caused by the combination of lots of fog and AI count. I'd love to see the author try and make something that didn't have to use excessive amounts of fog.

Now, I'd love to see this concept fleshed out (and optimized for performance within the game's specs - I've seen plenty of highly detailed game atmospheres that don't bog down computers), because I do think it's a really neat idea. Give it a download, it's worth a playthrough or two, but the uniformity of the map will quickly make it tiresome - something to think about for future versions.


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Download '' (40.42MB)

Eriadu: Mountiantop City

CW story: As the CIS prepares it's advance force on it's base in the toxic atmosphere of Eriadu the Republic quickly sends a strike force of the 450th legion to destroy this threat.
GCW story: Since the clone wars the atmosphere of Eriadu has become clean enough to survive in without a mask and makes for a perfect rebel base, too bad the Empire knows and is sending a legion of stormtroopers to destroy the rebels once and for all.

1. Unzip folder
2. Copy and paste this in your addon folder (make one if you don't have one)


Theultimat: Loadscreen, Beta testing
Fai222: Beta testing
RepSharpShooter: the DMI pack which included almost all the objects I used  
Xavious: Helping fix my rainshadow regions
Culvar: Saving my map from a localization error
Ka-Ching: Beta testing

All sides are custom and totally canon to all the movies with one weapon to all units except heroes and snipers (and grenades + buffs)

Basic Class setup:
Soldier: Base soldier class is a balance between Heavy Gunner and sniper
Sniper: Has most powerful weapon, very fast and accurate, lowest health
Heavy Gunner: Has strongest/fastest weapon, most health, Slowest unit, innacurate weapon

Rebel Soldier: Blaster Rifle
Rebel Marksman: Sniper rifle
Rebel Field Commander: Modified Blaster Rifle (this is just a beefed up rebel soldier with a strong blaster and more health)
Hero: Han solo

Imperial Stormtrooper: Blaster Rifle
Scout Trooper: Sniper Rifle
Imperial Heavy Gunner: Heavy Blaster rifle (unit is a enlarged stormtrooper with a large weapon and more health can inspire anger in units)
Hero: Boba Fett

(Automatically set to hard)Republic: 
450th Clone Trooper: Blaster Rifle
450th Clone Sniper: Sniper Rifle
Galactic Marine: Advanced Rifle

(Automatically set to easy)CIS: 
B1 Battle Droid: Blaster Rifle
Assasin Droid: Sniper Rifle
B2 Super Battle Droid: Laser Cannon (An enlarged Super Battle droid with a very strong innacurate weapon)

Clone wars has no heroes due to the storyline.

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