Eriadu: Mountatantop City

The last time I tried out Bobfinkl's Eriadu: Mountaintop City (version 1.0), I said that it was a promising concept with a few minor...


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The last time I tried out Bobfinkl's Eriadu: Mountaintop City (version 1.0), I said that it was a promising concept with a few minor issues to be fleshed out. I'm pleased to say that some of the issues have been addressed, however, there are still some issues that were not.

First off, the good: It is still a well-designed urban map, and the "uniformity" mentioned in the previous review has been fixed - a little. There have been several props added in between the buildings, which is a big improvement, but more still could be made by mixing up the buildings themselves, as right now they're basically all the same building. The map also looks nice and is still a neat design concept, too. Another thing I liked was the minimap - it's very well done and looks great.

The downside is that it's still pretty laggy - in fact, nothing has been changed at all to improve its performance, as far as I can tell. I've played plenty of maps that are very detailed and don't lag, but this one has too much fog, or too many atmospheric .fx, or too many units, or some combination of the above. It's just not a whole lot of fun to play a map when you're basically a half-step behind the game.

In all, it's nice to see the improvement made on this map, but I still can't give it the 'ol "two thumbs up" simply because I can't enjoy playing it because of the performance reduction. When you make a map you need to, need to, need to make sure it's not going to be too laggy for other people - it can really reduce the fun factor on an otherwise well-designed map.

As a side note, this said it added music, but as far as I can tell, nothing was added (and there's no sound folder in the addon folder).

Anyway, if you liked previous versions, give it a download.


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Download '' (56.59MB)

Eriadu: Mountiantop City

CW story: As the CIS prepares it's advance force on it's base in the toxic atmosphere of Eriadu the Republic quickly sends a strike force of the 450th legion to destroy this threat.
GCW story: Since the clone wars the atmosphere of Eriadu has become clean enough to survive in without a mask and makes for a perfect rebel base, too bad the Empire knows and is sending a legion of stormtroopers to destroy the rebels once and for all.

1. Unzip folder
2. Copy and paste this in your addon folder (make one if you don't have one)


Theultimat: Loadscreen, Beta testing
Fai222: Beta testing
RepSharpShooter: the DMI pack which included almost all the objects I used  
Xavious: Helping fix my rainshadow regions
Culvar: Saving my map from a localization error
Ka-Ching: Beta testing
Kfm946: Beta Testing and Minimap
Mr.Dude121: Beta Testing
Nukes: Beta Testing
Philomen007: Beta Testing
Drksdetyrranus: Beta Testing
S.H.I.E.L.D.: Beta Testing
TheUltimat: Beta Testing
Fiminopter: Beta Testing
Yodakid: Making Common.lvl for loadscreen
Kaching: Beta Testing
Datinmadnx2: Beta Testing
Black9_Knight: Beta Testing

If I missed anyone please say so it's very hard to keep track of this many people.


Improvements from v2.0:
New unit added
Several minor bugfixes
New music added

All sides are custom and totally canon to all the movies with one weapon to all units except heroes and snipers (and grenades + buffs)

Basic Class setup:
Soldier: Base soldier class is a balance between Heavy Gunner and sniper
Sniper: Has most powerful weapon, very fast and accurate, lowest health
Support: Provides cover support with slow powerful weapon and health and ammo supplies to troops
Heavy Gunner: Has strongest/fastest weapon, most health, Slowest unit, innacurate weapon
Commander: All around best unit, for gcw it is the former hero units for cw it is Bacara and OOM commander

Rebel Soldier: Blaster Rifle
Rebel Marksman: Sniper rifle
Rebel Trooper: Stolen E-5 Blaster Rifle
Rebel Field Commander: Modified Blaster Rifle (this is just a beefed up rebel soldier with a strong blaster and more health)
Han Solo: Normal hero unit
Hero: Luke Skywalker

Imperial Stormtrooper: Blaster Rifle
Scout Trooper: Sniper Rifle
Imperial Solder: E-11m Blaster Rifle
Imperial Heavy Gunner: Heavy Blaster rifle (unit is a enlarged stormtrooper with a large weapon and more health can inspire anger in units)
Boba Fett: Normal hero unit
Hero: Darth Vader

(Automatically set to hard)Republic: 
450th Clone Trooper: Blaster Rifle
450th Clone Sniper: Sniper Rifle
450th Clone Support Trooper: DC-15s Carbine
Galactic Marine: Advanced Rifle
Commander Bacara: heavy assault unit equipped with blaster rifle DC-15s carbine advanced rifle, carries 5 thermal detonators and 2 health/ammo containers
Hero: Obi-wan

(Automatically set to easy)CIS: 
B1 Battle Droid: Blaster Rifle
Assasin Droid: Sniper Rifle
B1 Support Droid: E-11m Blaster Rifle
B2 Super Battle Droid: Laser Cannon (An enlarged Super Battle droid with a very strong innacurate weapon)
OOM Commander Droid: Medium ranged assault unit equpped with blaster rifle E-11m Blaster Rifle and a Sniper rifle, carries 5 thermal detonators and 2 health/ammo containers
Hero: Darth Maul

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