EVO trooper



This is a set of source files for the "EVO Trooper." In essence, it's a reskinned Shocktrooper with the imperial officer's weapons. (Minus the Geonosian pistol, which is replaced with a chaingun) Keep in mind that this is for MODDERS ONLY. If you are not a modder, these files are of no use to you. I just wanted to make that clear, since the author's directions about it replacing the Imperial officer may be misleading.

No screenshots were included, but it's a small download if you want to see what the skin looks like.




Hey, this is my first release.

This is the skin and model of the EVO trooper. I have made it so that it replaces the imperial officer so the odf's are 
of the imperial officer (they have been tweaked slightly to get the skin in game) the skin also uses the shocktrooper model so 
the tweaked version of that is included.

hope you enjoy.

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