Extended Galactic Conquest



- "wait, I have to download how many different files to play this?" I'll be honest - I saw the list of things I'd need to download and decided not to bother, even though I play through a solid 99% of mods that come through here and are hosted. And they're not even all in the same place, which is another big minus.Not that any of that should take away from the (relative) complexity of the mod - not many mods use modifications to Galactic Conquest, so it's nice to see a new one (although you would have to remove either KotOR Galactic Conquest or the Dark Times II Campaign to use this). The only other real criticism I'd offer would be that there's no theme to the hodgepodge of maps this supports - it's like the author just found as many maps as he could and said "and this one, and this one, and this one..." Galactic Conquest, as it is, is long and boring enough and just adding more planets isn't a bonus. So takeaways - neat technical accomplishment, probably worth a try if you can get over having to download 25 different things in addition to this one. But that's a big "if."-Mav


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