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Game_Jedi has what is certainly an interesting idea in his "Fort Warz." The premise is that of three large forts on a battlefield, presumabl...


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Game_Jedi has what is certainly an interesting idea in his "Fort Warz." The premise is that of three large forts on a battlefield, presumably for duking it out, siege-style.

However, pretty much anywhere after the statement of concept, the idea breaks down in implementation. The biggest problem, in my mind, is that even assuming everything else were perfect, the forts have only one path up, and it is a long, high ramp to the entrance of the fort. Unless the attackers are facing some tragically inept defenders, the fort will be nigh-impenetrable.

Aside from that glaring deficiency in gameplay, there are a number of other issues. The biggest one of these is that one of the command posts is completely cordoned-off from the map (it's shut up in a number of shields), which makes a conquest victory all-but-impossible and often leads to a stalemate. The AI pathing is also rather bad - while the paths up to the forts are straight shots (which should make the pathing easy), the AI will almost inevitably (and inexplicably) walk off the sides. I also noticed, for seemingly no reason, one of the command posts hidden behind terrain. This has the doubly negative effect of looking sloppy and making it impossible to access the command post. There are also object placement issues and the stock Yavin sky, but those aren't even the big issues here.

The map itself is not a bad idea, and with some work could be improved upon. The problem is that an idea beyond conquest was explored, and it just wasn't done very well. This makes what might otherwise be a fairly average map turn into something that's just confusing.


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This is the first release of the wonderful map Fort Warz(yes, the "z" is included)! i recomend this map for large scale battles or clan wars, 'cuz these forts are HUGE! there are three forts in this map: a naboo style one, a mygeeto style one, and a flying yavin style one. each has its weaknesses and strengths, none have an advantage over another. and, one of the cps is located inside a special spactating section for those who just want to watch the fort warz madness! i do not recommend this map for AI, for they get horribly confused despite planning. for further info, read the read me included in the FWZ folder. 

coming soon will be a mini fort wars for those who like smaller fort madness////

unzip and move the folder into addon. more detailed info is included in the FWZ readme.

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