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He built Tatooine Luke by following the directions in the "BF2 Jedi Creation" tutorial, then tweaked it to make it more consistent with th...


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He built Tatooine Luke by following the directions in the "BF2 Jedi Creation" tutorial, then tweaked it to make it more consistent with the movies. The installation process is a bit tedious, but if you follow the steps verbatum this WILL work.

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Readme File:
Final version - v1.0


Installation (I tried to make this as easy as I possibly could, but still takes a little time.  Bear with me.) :

-	You MUST HAVE a created world already to use this mod.  These installation instructions will use "000" as the default world abreviation.

-	Extract the "" file to any temporary folder.

-	Create a new folder inside your "data_000" folder and name it "Sides" (without the quotes).

-	Move the "JDI" folder and the "Common" folder into your new "Sides" folder.

-	Move the "JDI2" folder here: "BF2_ModTools/data_000/_BUILD/Sides"  Rename this folder JDI.

-	Replace the "BF2_ModTools/data_000/Animations" folder with the "Animations" folder that was extracted from ""

-	Run "ModTools VisualMunge.exe" Located here: "BF2_ModTools/data_000/_BUILD" In the Sides tab you should have a "JDI" option.  Make sure your "Common" box is checked and click "Munge".  Tatooine Luke is now in your map!

-	Run "editlocalize.bat" (Located in your "BF2_ModTools/data_000/Animations" folder).  Create new parameters that match the ones shown in the two diagrams in "Localize.jpg"  (this makes the names of your new character and his weapon display correctly in the game.)

-	To call up Luke in your .lua file, place this text right before the   ReadDataFile("SIDE\all.lvl", line:


Then replace your current Rebel hero line with this:

    SetHeroClass(ALL, "jdi_demojedi")

-	Play your map in BF2 and Frosh's Tatooine Luke will be your Rebel hereo!


What's different:

- 	Changed block style from default (hold fire to block) to the "normal" version (press "f" key to block, press again to stop blocking)

-	Changed Luke's lightsaber color from green to blue.

-	Changed secret attack flash color from green to blueish white.

-	Disabled the second lightsaber blade.

-	Disabled the Darth Maul secret attack.


Note: I followed the directions on building the demo Jedi (from the documentation files) then tweaked it to be more consistent with the movies and more fine-tuned to my personnal style of gameplay.  The original Tatooine Luke was created by the BF2 staff and constructed by the person who wrote the "Jedi Creation" tutorial.  Feel free to distribute this with your custom maps, just be sure to give credit where credit is due. Feel free to email me if you have any problems.

Modded by Frosh the Wookie

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