Galidraan: Snowcapped Forest

I'll always say, if you want to get on the good side of any reviewers named "Maveritchell," take a stab at including a campaign mode. It's a...


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I'll always say, if you want to get on the good side of any reviewers named "Maveritchell," take a stab at including a campaign mode. It's always a really neat bonus (even if it's a simple one!) and it really sets a map apart from a lot of other maps.

I'm pleased to say that this map, "Galidraan: Snowcapped Forest," by bobfinkl, has done just that.

The campaign mode is, in my eyes, the real feature of the map. It's a very simple campaign (really just "run here," "shoot these," "capture this CP" a few times in order), but it's still something different than assault or conquest, which makes it a welcome change. The mission has a lot of AI and you'll probably die once or twice doing it, but it's definitely worth a playthrough. The ending was a little abrupt, though, and left me wondering what exactly the point of the last objective was.

The map itself is pretty well-done, too. It's a larger map, but it makes good use of the space (lots of foliage and trees well-placed over hills) and as a result doesn't feel too large. It's visually pleasing and does a good job of making the player feel immersed in the snowy forest environment. Bobfinkl has definitely been getting better at creating polished-looking environment.

There are also custom sides included, for your playing pleasure. They're not drastic changes, so they still feel natural, but the changes are enough to be noticeable. Also, a custom loadscreen! Not a huge change, but it makes a nice first impression to the player.

So go ahead and give it a download, it's worth it in my opinion.


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Download '' (52.55MB)

Galidraan: Snowcapped Forest

CW Story: A large force of droids have taken over Galidraan, Dookus has made his command
center in the former mandalorian bunker where he killed off the True Mandalorians.

GCW Story: A traitor has been siphoning valuable information to the Rebellion, Darth Vader
has been tasked with finding and eliminating this traitor. He has discovered a small but important Rebel communications post
on the frozen planet of Galidraan and goes personally with a contingent of the 450th to capture the base in hopes of tracking down
the traitor.

1. Oddly colored trenches (no fix)

Caedus - German Translation, Beta testing
TheUltimat - Beta Testing
Black9_Knight - Beta Testing
Goolash - Beta Testing
Jedijack - Beta Testing
Glusent - Beta Testing
MrDude121 - Beta Testing
Possibly a few more beta testers whom I forgot about

Installation instructions:
1. Unzip GAD
2. Copy and paste GAD into your addon folder

Note: Assault mode is campaign


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