Gametoast World Domination: Asia

I don't know if it's just me, but we seem to be getting a lot more maps with special hero assault. This one is one of those.

Yesterday, I...


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I don't know if it's just me, but we seem to be getting a lot more maps with special hero assault. This one is one of those.

Yesterday, I found this file in the inbox. I'd yet to download it at GameToast, so I thought "Yipee! I've been waiting for this!". I remember watching progress for this before it was complete. I never thought that, if it was sent to SWBF files, I would get to review it. That was, of course, before I was staff...but enough of the memories and my past. Onto the file!

So, what we have here is a desert battlefield in Asia, which I believe to be the Gobe desert. I could be wrong, but that's the only major one that I can think of. When I checked the teams, as I expected, either Heroes or Villains were GT members who'd requested to be added before the map got too full. I tried villains first, and for some reason, as with all hero assault maps, I got my butt kicked because I wasn't used to the map yet, and didn't have a good way to take out enemies rapidly. That changed, of course, but too late in the game, and we lost.

Then I switched to heroes, which always wins if you're on it. This time, I got to see the little village (yes, there's a village) beside the default selected CP for heroes. There was a very steady stream of hostile locals flowing out of there, and I spent most of my time on heroes mowing them down with ease. Yep, even a bar and a TV set feature here...did I mention Guru and a tall-looking Elmo run around hyere, too?

Now on to the bugs. I didn't notice too many errors, and this map seemed pretty bug free for where I was, but...

1. I don't know if it is fixable, but when I tossed Phazon's tri-grenade thing at a sitting camel (yes, but not ridable...) I saw that the blue grenades caused a red glow on the camel.

2. One of the unit's jetpacks is too slow and is almost useless.

3. This may tie in with bug 2. I spotted, at one of the villain CPs, jet trooper-based units who seemed to be going nowhere. This might just be because their jetpacks don't have any horizontal thrust.

Besides that, I didn't see anything else incorrect with this map. Give it a download if this sounds nice or if the screenshots entice your appetite.

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Download '' (82.93MB)

Map:Gametoast (GT) World Domination


Even though this map is made for gametoast members it doesn't mean that 
non gametoast members shouldn't Download it. I assure you it's fun for everyone.
Map Info
This map was made for the GT world domination thread in the Offtopic forum. This map is 
dedicated to all who parcipitated and and all it's members

It Takes Place in a Asian Desert With A Black Market City, Jungle, Hermit's House,Destroyed City
and A truckload of Camels, Sand Dunes, And rocks

1) Unzip the download and copy the folder (GT1)

2) Go to the folder My Computer.

3) Go to Program Files (the Folder, Not the start menu)

4) Go to Lucasarts.

5) Go to Gamedata.

6) In Gamedata, Right-Click to make a new folder.Right click on the
folder and rename it to "addon" if you dont already have an addon folder.

7) Paste in the addon Folder (GT1)


As far as modifying this map is concerned, don't. This took me a long time to make,
And I don't want noobs trying to take credit for my work.
Credits...(In no particuler Order)

Gametoast and all that helped me.
Vyse - Vibro Sword
Phazon Elite - Phazon Elite Unit, AB-42 rifle, Phazon grenades
Squipple - The assets pack from his maps
Moving_Target - Arc Gun
]v[ - Imperial Chaingun
Lord Bandu - Saleucami Trees
t551t551 ------|\
Schizo ---------|- T-21 Blaster
Elmo ----------|/
Majin Revan --|/
Teancum - Guru Unit
Adreniline - Hex editing/Adreniline Skin and Jet Pack Functions
Karnage - Adding The Hex Edited Unit
Droideka88 - Bloody Axe
AceMastermind - Elmo,and Camel
Beta testers:
- Darth Z13
- Kajong
- Ateas
- XxDepredationxX
- {WRL}Bly 
Beam Generator,AB-42 rifle,Phazon Grenades and Bombardment Rifle has no sound
When Using Neuro Poison With General Greivous 4, you can't use his light sabers untill the poison wore off.
It always says JackSkratch has a sheild up when he doesn't
Legal Information
If this map damages your game, I will not be held responsible. These Files are Shareware,
and cannot be sold for any profit.


If you have any questions/concerns you can reach me at (jtcunnAThotmailDOTcom/EGG_GUTS(Filefront)/EGG_GUTS(Gametoast Username)

(Readme Template created by Snork)

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