Genesis: Lost City

Ahhh...YankFan sends us yet another file!

This one, thankfully, has no naming errors like some of the previous ones. Now the rifles are p...


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Ahhh...YankFan sends us yet another file!

This one, thankfully, has no naming errors like some of the previous ones. Now the rifles are properly named "DC-15A" instead of the DC-17.

Now, about the skins/gameplay/ect. It's supposed to have crumbling ruins, but I don't recall ever seeing any such thing. Probably because it only took about 10 minutes to examine most of the map and get some screenshots. You'd all be waiting a lot longer if you waited for me to play through a whole game of 2,000 vs. 2,000 reinforcments. ;)

Yes, I said 2,000 reinforcments per side. Or pretty darn near it, anyway. So, when I spawned in, almost instantly I had B1s (yes) and B2s and everything else shooting at me and the stupid AI Clones that weren't taking cover. That's the game's fault, though. So, for a few minutes, I ran around the ruins and took a few shots. Pretty cool place, really. Rhen Var ruins always work nicely. In the map, all Clone Troopers have a dark blue-ish kind of skin that I really can't describe. It blends in very, very well with the eerily lit blue environment and the blue flames everywhere. Did I mention the moon is a green-ish cyan kind of color in this map?

I can't accurately describe this whole thing. You'll just have to download it and check the screenshots to know what you're really getting.

~Penguin Unit~

(YaNkFaN, I changed your E-Mail slightly so spambots cannot mass copy+paste it and use it to send you junk.)

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Download '' (95.52MB)


Installation: copy the folder "GFR" to your addon folder 
Uninstallation: remove the folder "GFR" from your addon folder

Create a folder named "addon" in this directory: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData

The Genesis Defense Force has been stationed in the recently uncovered city in a canyon.  Late one night the CIS launch a surprise attack on the city and the Republic forces, under the leadership of Commander Dreighton must defend the city and watch out for the collapsing buildings that surround them. 
STRATEGY: You must hold the cp near the bridge between the two towers in order to win.  Snipers on the bridge and rifleman and engineers on the groud should do it.  If you lose that cp 
retreat to the large building with the torches and snipe out of it or use engineers and rifleman.  Also take our the AATs and STAPS with rockets before they can overrun the city defense forces.

CIS STRATEGY: You have more men and reinforcements then the Republic you also have more vehicles and firepower.  Launch an all out assault.  Destroy anyone and anything in sight. The faster you attack the weaker they will become.  Take out the key commandpost under the bridge and go from there slowly forcing the republic to the middle of the city and then destroying them there.  Also don't let your vehicles be destroyed and watch out for republic mines.

MY STUFF: I made the Skins for this map and they may used without my permission just give me credit in the readme. Also the odf for the IG-21 Force Sensitive Ops Droid was made by me.  And the Genesis Defense Defender is my idea and .odf.

Thanks to OOM-9 for the DC-15 Carbine and to a_speck_of_dust for some lighting help and ideas and the IG-21 Force Sensitive Ops Droid.

Copyright: This map was created by YaNkFaN and a_speck_of_dust and is part of our "Star Wars The Clone Wars" custom map series by YaNkFaN and a_speck_of_dust.  Please do not use this idea for another map.

FF name: YaNkFaN
GT name: YaNkFaN1950
Contact Yankfan1950ATaolDOTcom
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