Geonosian Attack Mappack



The "Geonosian Attack Mappack," a group of two maps supposedly about Geonosians and some sort of ion cannon... has neither.

Basically, this is just the stock Coruscant and stock Geonosis maps retextured. There are no new (or different) units, just stock sides. The major change is the textures. To be fair, there were a couple new props placed here and there, but they did very little to change the maps or what they looked like.

The textures, though. Ugh. To Coruscant, it looks like every texture in the world's assets was lightened (and as a result alpha channels were stripped off of some textures, so some skydome buildings will look bad) uniformly. It sort've looks like a daytime color scheme... but the map still has a night sky. Go figure. And again, while the readme mentions something about Geonosians invading Coruscant, there is a noticeable lack of Geonosians.

And then Geonosis. Ugh again. Pretty much every texture has just been inverted (any of you that have tried skinning have at one point probably tried this - it was probably one of the first things you tried). It looks bad. It was a nice idea, I suppose, to do the "icing over" of Geonosis, and I was ok with the idea until I saw that all the author did was invert the skins, which happened to be icy-blue-ish. As a result (and as I'm sure you know if you've tried this before) this leaves the contrast of many textures pretty out-of-whack and you get to see some unnaturally-lightened objects.

The author also decided to do this to the textures for the troopers on Geonosis, which again makes for a sloppy and unnatural-looking appearance. The only exception is the clone commander, who not only looks inverted, but also apparently has clown paint on. I wasn't able to figure that one out.

Anyway, if it sounds interesting, give it a try, I guess.




                         Geonosis: Iced Over
                         A mod map by Vegati

Okay this is my map Geonosis: Iced Over. It is basically Geonosis with
reskinned troopers and objects and maybe a few new things here and 
there. By request of Maveritchell I will no longer right in all caps.
So there are still 8 cps. Now you have NEGATIVE clone troopers. Their
colors consist mainly of black because it attracts the most heat.

                             The Story

The CIS have created a new weapon (supposedly an ion cannon) and 
decided to test their new toy on Geonosis. The Geonosians went to Count
Dooku for answers. He told them that the Republic hated them and were
going to destroy them. So the Geonosians took over the Jedi Temple
on Coruscant while clones were sent to investigate why Geonosis
turned blue.

                    Coruscant: Geonosian Overthrow

After the conflict on Geonosis the clones returned to the temple on 
Coruscant to find that it had been taken over by Geonosians that
hated them.

                              The Map

This is basically Coruscant with reskinned objects and some new ones.

                             Thank Yous

Gametoast- For the everything you need thread
Lucasarts- For an awesome gameeditor
Vegati(me)- map and debugging

                           License Agreement

This modmappack is not supported, created or have anything to do with
Lucasarts or Lucasfilm Ltd. Ye hath been warned. P.S If your computer
blows up, it's your problem not mine.

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