Geonosian Enclave

I was quite surprised seeing this map, Game_Jedi has done an excellent job on this one apart from a few bugs. He also has added in custom si...


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I was quite surprised seeing this map, Game_Jedi has done an excellent job on this one apart from a few bugs. He also has added in custom sides which are well-done for a first time.

The only mode is Clone Wars Conquest but everything is played out as Hunt mode. The setting is on Geonosis and each team has one CP. It's not a very big map but has a lot packed into it. It is located in a small valley surrounded by hills and rocks. The CIS has the Spire at one end of the valley and the Republic has two landed Acclamator's at the other. The Gameplay is not really like the Hunt mode on the shipped Geonosis mostly because there tanks and a lot of turrets.

The Republic has EP2 Clones and the CIS have Geonosians but before you say they aren't changed I noticed their speed has been slightly increased, tanks have new weapon effects, tanks no longer have their boost, and the ammo has been slightly changed. Those are all great for a start.

Now you've heard the good and the only complaint I have is a few of the CP's, Ammo, and Health droids are sunken in the ground halfway. Its not a real big issue and isn't so bad as when you spawn you fall through the ground but other than that it has great gameplay.

Remember to customize your Hunt tab before playing because it uses Hunt rules. Take a look at the screenshots and if it looks good give it a try, it isn't all that big of a download.

-Delta 47

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Download '' (9.77MB)

Geonosian Enclave (1.0) by Game_Jedi aka {~SB~}LDR-Jedimaster

story: A small band of clones have been dispatched to Geonosis to
investigate possible CIS activity. when they arrived, all they 
found was a hive filled with geonosians. They had stumbled upon
the Geonosian Enclave, one of the last hidouts for the Geonosians,
who have almost gone extinct due to heavy casualties during the 
arena incident and the start of the clone wars. The Geonosians, who
can be relentless fighters if need be, show the clones no mercy. 

Description: this small/medium sized map represents a small indent 
in the geonosian earth that branches off into several canyons. the
republic side has two small ships from which they arrived in, and
the Geonosians have their Enclave. both sides have tanks.

Gameplay: there are no known glitches in this map, except for the 
fact that the minimap included is the one featured in the real 
geonosis map(i knew everyone loves minimaps as they add to detail,
but i wonder how people will take to incorrect minimaps). but 
that doesnt affect gameplay much at all. most likely, you will not
get lost in this map. AI planning is good, theres no...other stuff
that screw up maps. AND, this map features my first custom sides(a
very big improvement for me) which are geonosians and episode two
snipers. this map alos features an crazy new game mode designed by
me, called Hunquest, or maybe it should be Conhunt. anyways, its
selected as conquest mode when you decide what mode/era to play,
but the timer/point settings are controlled via the hunt settings.

Installation: put this map into addon.

Credits: no one really, except maybe the kind members of Gametoast who
have helped me with lua setup for such a crazy idea.


Happy Playing!

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