"Geonosis," simply titled by Yankfan and speck_of_dust, is another entry to the massive pool of Geonosis maps. It is fortunate, though, that...


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"Geonosis," simply titled by Yankfan and speck_of_dust, is another entry to the massive pool of Geonosis maps. It is fortunate, though, that it's decidedly a good one.

There's not much to say about Geonosis itself - you get it, it's a big desert planet and inevitably clones and droids will fight each other to the dusty death. This version removes a bit more of the "plains" aspect we're used to seeing in Geonosis maps, and for this reason it's not "accurate to the movies," but I think the map is better off for it.

The strongest point of this file is the actual map layout. It's done well and looks varied and interesting (with very few bugs; I only saw one floating object). It's a medium-large map, but the command posts are close enough together that you don't have to go for a long jog to get to the action. And the pathing is good enough that the battle feels chaotic, with things not just moving in a straight line (although inevitably the CIS will capture most of one half of the map while the Republic captures the other).

The sides are fairly straightforward. They're similar to the stock sides, with a few minor changes. The heroes for each side are representatives from Republic Commando; "Boss" is the Republic hero (he's similar to his Conversion Pack setup) and Sun Fac is the CIS hero. I wasn't a big fan of Sun Fac's setup; the beam looked really goofy (and to top it off it was missing sound) and feels out of place on a unit (instead of a vehicle). Archer01's AI Hero Support is in this map, which is always fun, as it'll let you play against AI heroes.

And while dragonum's LAAT/c animation is well-used in the map, it does unfortunately make a crash to desktop sometimes, due to an error in setting it up. Depending on who owns what command post, if an AT-TE is killed at the wrong time, the map will always CTD due to having too many CPs on the field.

So other than the annoying CTD, it's a pretty good map and well worth being tried out. Give it a try!


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Download '' (77.82MB)

STORY:  Just watch the movie and maybe play or find out about Star Wars Republic Commando
Developer's Message to all players.

The timer in the begining is for the LAAT/c to land as well as for the heroes to spawn.  We had to put that there other wise one or the other features wouldn't work.  After that the game should run fine for conquest.
For all who are interested the LAAT/c will fly near cp2

Tips and Ideas for Gameplay

The republic is on the offensive in this map use the ATTE to forceably crush the CIS also use RC-1138 to infiltrate areas where the ATTEs cannot go and take CPs such as in the Spire or on the southeast side of the map.  The clone trooper is very diverse with an added haywire detonator use this to take down large amounts of droids.  As you gain points more units will be unlocked adding more diversity and options to the battle.  the Tx-130 tank is a fast assault use it to defend the ATTE as well as in minor confrontations.  However it will be destroyed by the Spider and Hailfire droids if you are alone.

You have the geographical advantage as well as the defensive advantage.  Use the hailfire to mow down clones as well as releasing a barrage of rockets at the ATTEs.  Your main goal should be to destroy the vehicles of the republic.  You outnumber the republic 2 to 1 in this battle.  Use this to your advantage. As you gain points more units will be unlocked adding more diversity and options to the battle. Use tunnels as well as trenches to isolate the clones and take them out individually.  Use the hero to take out large amounts of clones as well as light and even heavy vehicles.  Use the spider droid to defend key positions of the map.

A lot of people put in a lot of hard work for this map here are the credits
Stuff that is Ours
Sun Fac weapons and .odf
Map itself
The Clone and Droid Skins
LAAT/c skin
ATTE (4 person) .odf
Lasers textures

Credits to other people whose stuff we used
Darth Duck remapped clone models and skins
Delta 35 for his RC-1138 skin
OOM-9 DC-15 Carbine
HUD Fixing
Mike Z for the original code
Majin Revan for his efforts and for making the topic
and FragMe
FragMe for the haywire detonator hud icon
Zerted for Custom Loading Screens and Free Cam
666rulerofclones for the EMP Grenade Assets
archer01 for the Hero Script
DEVISS-REX for his help with "hudding"
Majin Revan for Clone Commando Assets
phyc0fred:for the dwarf spider droid
MajinRevan for the "blue bolt" texture because it helped me make all of the other bolt textures and i used it.
AceMastermind for fixing the DC-15 carbine texture
Dragonum for the LAAT/c model and animation as well as the .lua

I put this in for Speck
"*a note about my maps:

I personally hate new strange sides. I am always going to be for traditional battlefront sides. I just like to keep it simple. I enjoy the traditional battlefront sides (+ a normal B1 battle droid unit)

I&apos;m a visual-oriented guy. I focus more on the aesthetics of my maps than the cool little extra features that you can get out of scripting (unlike Yankfan <<he&apos;s the scripting guru)

*a note on other maps I&apos;ve seen recently:

this is all my personal opinion, don&apos;t take it personally if it offends anyone! I don&apos;t mean that!

I&apos;ve poked in and out of this site for the past few months, and I personally think the mapping community has... well.. frankly it&apos;s diminished. Everyone is so focused on how strange and powerful the units are, and the original STWB formula has been lost in my opinion (of course there are some exceptions.) There have been less quality maps (I seriously don&apos;t mean to offend anyone -I love how people still experiment with this great game.) I think it&apos;s great people still keep this game alive, because it has brought us a sh*t load of hours full of addicting fun!
I&apos;d like to thank all the gamers who&apos;ve enjoyed my maps and given me their support. I wasn&apos;t the most gracious mapper back then. so: THANK YOU ALL!&quot;


This will not be my (YaNkFaN) last map I will continue modding for I don&apos;t know how long.  Speck is going to release some of his old maps soon.  Right now I am having a poll on GT

Installation Instructions
Copy folder G31 to C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon  
If you don&apos;t have an addon folder make one

Reccomended Settings
Lighting: Medium
Shadows :Low/Off (Otherwise will lag) Can put it on high if your comp can handle it
Water: no water in the desert
Texture Quality Medium-High
Known Bugs
A few minor hud errors
a bot runs into a object (seen this once)
Sound for the CIS hero beam weapon

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