Geonosis: Assault On The Hills

So many files and so little time...Where are the other file posters?! Anyway, here's yet another Geonosis map. This is one of the better one...


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So many files and so little time...Where are the other file posters?! Anyway, here's yet another Geonosis map. This is one of the better ones in my opinion, but unfortunetely that isn't saying much.

The author did a really nice job on texturing the ground. A lot of maps today use only 1-2 terrain textures which looks boring and noobish. Darth Maul painted certain spots differently which makes things look very natural and realistic.

The map certainly feels like Geonosis. It does a pretty good job of duplicating the movie, aside from there being no LAAT's. You've got large armies of clones and droids clashing with vehicles making their way across the map blasting enemies to bits. There are Jedi running around too, which makes things kind of easy if you play as one.

My #1 complaint would have to be the map design. It's huge, mostly flat, and almost completely empty. You should try putting a hill in the middle of the plains, sprinkle the rest of it with destroyed AT-TE's and LAAT's, and give the ground a coat of 'rock foilage' so there's more detail.

The map would look a million times better if you'd give it the Geonosis sky file and the corresponding .tga's and .msh's. The default settings simply do not fit Geonosis.

I got some lag from the dust and the large number of units. Toning down the dust would probably help the most.

Finally, the ticket counts are ridiculously high. Over 2,000 for each side as I recall. The problem with this is that the battle takes forever and most players will quit before they finish it.

I won't go into the bugs since you're already aware of them. Read the ReadMe guys!

Overall, this map is a good start. There's always room for improvement so do your best to fill it up! :P


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Download '' (31.7MB)

Geonosis: Assault on the Hills!

G:AOTH is a land map with six cps, three for each side. The CIS controls the hill, 
with a main base on top, as well as a cp on the slope of the hill and a hanger under
the hill. The Republic holds the low ground with three spaced out cps at the back of
the map. If your looking for a massive battle, you've got the right map. 300 units per 
side, 3000 reinforcements. (they go by fast)

-CIS is not playable
-"Xavious Zorfone" is almost invincible
-sky is default (not really a bug)

-Extract the downloaded material to your addon folder. If you don't have one, create
 one in your BF2 gamedata folder. 

2006 (REBEL)Clan; (REBEL)Ldr.Jdi.Revan, Darth_Maul
Do not distribute w/o my permission.

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