Geonosis Child Play 1.0

Okay, so this is me - Q -'s first uploading of a map :D

I gotta admit that I'm glad this was a seperate map instead of an overwriting o...


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Okay, so this is me - Q -'s first uploading of a map :D

I gotta admit that I'm glad this was a seperate map instead of an overwriting of the game ;)

the readme's got some good info so you know what to expect :) but I'd rather see like 50 of each - except for the droideka maybe ;D (would maybe be a bit overpowered - lol) The Geonosians are pretty... lame; which is really sad!

He didn't localise that well, so the republic's got this neat Jedi I'm not really sure if I've seen before or what (seems like a reskin, but a nice Combo in this map). so it's cool as well :)

the only problem is - like with the Mustafar - that he still got the GCW Era in it, but not playable: Look at the SWBF2 moding Forum at Gametoast for a topic to delete era's :)

This is personally not a Must Try, but still good enough to be played :)

- Q

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Download 'geonosischildplay1.0.rar' (34.77MB)

                                       GEONOSIS: Protect (child play) 1.0

                This is my update of geonosis child play. It is not called child play anymore because it doesnt have the stupid names.

Shield Trooper: A regular white clone trooper but with a little bit of grey. Skin done by comander fordo.
The Shield Trooper has a personal shield around him that regarges whenever he gets hit.

Para Trooper: A Jettrooper with a green skin done by me. He has a EMP Launcher that has unlimited ammo and never has to reload.
He also has unlimited jetpack fuel.

Elite Explosive Specialist: He has a lot of things that explode so you can take out those walkers and hailfires easily.

Hero: Saesee Tiin thanx to Yodaminch.

Elite Battle Droid: A red battle droid with better weapons.

Droideka: regular same old, droideka.

Geonosian: Sonic Blaster doesn't do too well against the shields.

Hero: Count Dooku

INSTALL: Put the BB2 folder in your AddOn folder.
UNINSTALL:Take BB2 out of your AddOn folder.

Glitches: if you win the elite rifle with the pistol when you switch weapons youll be stuck with the rocket launcher 
or emp blaster and you cant switch back untill you respawn. I will fix this in the next version(i promise). if there are any other 
glitches let me know of them.

STORY: While the Republic was fighting on Naboo they left very few clones on Geonosis to protect it. The CIS saw that the Republic
was very weak on Geonosis at the moment so they decided that it was the perfect time to capture it. Because it was going to be an
easy job the CIS only sent Battle Droids and Droidekas to fight.The Geonosians also decided to help the CIS The battle is on, and the few Republic troops must defend Geonosis.



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