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Guitarman has also sent in the sides for his newest map. It's only one side, really, but the one people showed the most interest in. He act...


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Guitarman has also sent in the sides for his newest map. It's only one side, really, but the one people showed the most interest in. He actually sent the entire republic side with his modded units which exlplain a couple things. Here's some advice from master K: When units and their respective files go entirely unused, delete them. You can free up an amazing amount of space this way. In your map you used two units for the republic yet all of it is here. Deleting all the stuff like starfighters and other guys would have made your map size smaller, that way it could be uploaded and downloaded more efficiently. Also, when submitting your custom side, it would be easier to differentiate which files have had no change and which you have modified. Smaller the size, the faster the submission can be processed.

Anehwey. Those who thought the guys from childs play were cool, now you can use them yourself. Or if you can't mod, there is a chance someone who can will use them.

Oh, and like his skin pack, he has constructed a rudimentary tutorial on how to edit shipped worlds and instructions on using his units. If you couldn't mod, you probably can now.


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Download '' (37.7MB)

   This is the sides folder for Geonosis Child Play 0.95 for the Republic. The installation is a little tricky so ill explain it 
the best that I can. 

INSTALL: Create a new mod, put the folder rep in (using *** as the 3 letter name) C:\BF2_ModTools\data_***\Sides. Then go to assets/sides
and copy the Common folder. Paste it in C:\BF2_ModTools\data_***\Sides. Then go to your lua file for the clone wars and scroll down to where it says
ReadDataFile("SIDE\rep.lvl", and change it to ReadDataFile("dc:SIDE\rep.lvl",. Now scroll down to where it says:  
        rep = {            
            team = REP,
            units = 32,
            reinforcements = 150,
            soldier = {"rep_inf_ep3_rifleman", 9, 25},
            assault = {"rep_inf_ep3_rocketeer", 1, 4},
            engineer = {"rep_inf_ep3_engineer", 1, 4},
            sniper  = {"rep_inf_ep3_sniper", 1, 4},
            officer = {"rep_inf_ep3_officer", 1, 4},
            special = {"rep_inf_ep3_jettrooper", 1, 4}, and change it to.

        rep = {
            team = REP,
            units = 28,
            reinforcements = 150,
            soldier  = { "rep_inf_ep3_rifleman",10, 25},
            assault  = { "rep_inf_ep3_rifleman",1, 4},
            engineer = { "rep_inf_ep3_rifleman",1, 4},
            sniper   = { "rep_inf_ep3_rifleman",1, 4},
            officer = {"rep_inf_ep3_rifleman",1, 4},
            special = { "rep_inf_ep3_jettrooper",1, 4},

Now open up the localize tool. Go under entity then go under rep. click on inf_ep3_rifleman and in the box next to it type in
Shield Clone. Then click on inf_ep3_jettrooper and in the box next to it type in Para Trooper. Then go under weapons then rep then weap and click on
inf_emp_launcher and type in ANTI-ARMOR EMP-Blaster in the box next to it. Then save and close the localize tool. After that munge it and Youve got yourself a shield clone and
a Jet Trooper with unlimited fuel in his jetpack.

if you use this in a mod just give me credit.
i hope to see some mods using this.

I also included a guide on to get worlds like Geonosis or Naboo into your mod.


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