Geonosis III



This is an update to 'Geonosis III'. Something I remember hearing about version 1 is that it had the spire in it. I did not see any spire, but there was some rock bunkers dangerously close to some cliffs. This map actually comes pretty close to the movie, and I can remember once when I said it would be impossible to do that. For all the explosions and dust being kicked up from the battle visibility can be a problem, and those sneaky cloneses will see to it all your base are belong to them if you aren't paying close attention. the readme lists these changes:

-Sounds work (with the sole exception of the gunship). -Increased lighting. -Episode 2 troopers on republic side(that's much better). -More bots. Stupid ones, no less.

If you're like me and love thick battles with lots of close quarters death and stuff : Merry Christmas.

Because this is a 1.1, I can't actually review it as a mod, and because it uses a shipped level I wouldn't actually be able to review the map. If you played the first version and liked it, it only gets better.




This is version 1.1 of GEONOSIS III
by Zane Walker

Bug Fixes:

All sounds now work except for Gunship!
Lighting has been increased!
EP2 Troopers are used!
More stupid bots!

If someone knows how to fix the Gunship sounds
please email me :

[email protected]

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