Geonosis Incursion

Seems the standard of first maps has risen quite a bit since the first tools. Now all sorts of good maps are popping out. This one is no exc...


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Seems the standard of first maps has risen quite a bit since the first tools. Now all sorts of good maps are popping out. This one is no exception.

For no reasonin particular I a going to start with it's down points. One of two: Missin' textures. Several components to the bridges(moe specifically the streetlights, which now that I thik of it don't belong on Geonosis at all) and the Jedi knght's lightsaber. Angle your camera and you can tell all the hilt really is is a five sided cylinder.

I love the idea behind the CIS but the republic was the second thing I have to nag about. While mostly you kept them Ep2 clones, there was a coupleunits that didn't belong. See screenshot 1. Yeah, that guy. Also the clone commanders. I'm sure neither unit was around for the battle of Geonosis since the only way to tell rank then was colors on the armor, but I sppose this isn't such a big deal.

The droids have a new skin making them the darker reddish Geonosis variant and the rocketeer class has been knocked out for the Marine. Normaly I would complain but this author also took the initiative to edit the units themselves. Battle droids are easier destroyed, and Super Battle Droids are slower but considerably tougher and remain the primary infantry class.

The landscape of the map was a bit chaotic with bits of rock sticking out everywhere which would be ideal for an interesting firefight. The Mygeeto bridges seem a liiiitttle out of place, but they were the best choice I guess. I know first hand there is a lot of places for snipers(especially on the CIS side) so don't just stand out in the open,use the crazy terrain to hide behind stuff.

There are AT-RTs and BARC speeders for the republic which are also out of place, but he admits that in the readme so all is forgiven. The CIS has only a spider walker, which seems to make it as far as the bridges before meeting its makers in whatever heaven might belong to Geonosis.

You'll also see the spie, though two of the exits are blocked and it's main room is empty. I think a couple of Geonosian fighters in the hangar would be just lovely but that would mean a plethora of new mapping challenges. In which case, try it. The map is good but it can also be built on to become better.


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V1.0 by Rikino
My first map, Geonosis: Incursion.
This takes place during the battle of Geonosis.

A regiment of clones attacks a mountaintop base of operations for the CIS. A canyon
separates the two sides, and the clones must take a pair of bridges to cross.

- Destroyed LAATs and AT-TE.
- You can be Geonosians.
- More realistic health amounts for the CIS; SBDs are tougher, normal ones are brittle.
- If you are the clones, be aggresive, cp-wise! You're slightly outnumbered, and you need
  the reinforcement bleed.

- There's no fighting going on in the sky (LAATs and droid starfighters aren't showing up).
- There is no boundry.
- Number of bots does not listen to the .lua; have to set it to 32.
- I know there where no AT-RTs in the battle of Geonosis, but they fit the map so well I
  couldn't leave them out.

Note: This map was made with having 32 bots on each side. It's a lot less fun if there aren't,
so set bots to 32.

Installation: Copy the folder "GEI" to the directory "Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon".

If you have questions or comments, email me at
I'll update this if someone finds a major bug or if I want to add somthing.

Feel free to distribute.

Thanks to:
The BFII modding community.


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