Geonosis: Landing at Point Rain



seen in the first one.Some.The best thing I can say in terms of improvement is that it has fewer bugs. Honestly, playing through this again was almost a more frustrating experience than the last, because there was nothing new to see this time around. Several bugs were fixed - localization the biggest among them. All the localizations looked fine, and there were some fixes made too in terms of floating HUD icons (I still saw at least one missing HUD icon, though). The jetpack-where-there-wasn't-one issue for the clone commander was also fixed, as was the bad enveloping on the battledroid.Some object placement issues were addressed, primarily by the simple removal of the area in question (Technically, it was not removed, just covered by terrain. Tip: If you're going to remove something, remove it. Don't load a whole bunch of objects the player isn't going to see.). All the other object placement issues I saw were still there - even the command post I mentioned specifically in the last review.I think the balance on the sides was a little better this time, but this time it was just frustrating to play through. There is effectively zero advancement, because you hit a point in the game where you can't capture any more CPs, all you can do is run and die. Whee, fun!Other issues I noticed:-The shield only blocks about half of the weapons. What's the point of the shield again?-The Y-Wing has giant-sized, miscolored chunks.-The CIS hero is virtually worthless. He feels like he has less health than a standard unit.-The CIS hero is addressed in VOs as "Count Dooku"-Freeze (awards weapons bug) requiring a restartHonestly, it's hard to get a map like this so soon after the first version and see what feels like so little fixed. It's frustrating to me, because maps like this (walk left and die! walk right and die! do anything but crouch behind the rock and die!) are so absolutely unenjoyable. It's frustrating to the author, I'm sure, because it seems like I have nothing good to say (this is not true, of course - everything I liked about the previous version holds true here).As I mentioned with the previous version of the map, it definitely feels like it has a lot of potential. It looks pretty nice. I just wish it were a little more fun to play.-Mav


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