Geonosis: Spire

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When I saw this I laughed. I cried. I dry humped the air.

Arguably one of the best shipped maps of SWBF1, butchered in SWBF2, converted and rereleased for your playing plezhur, Geonosis Spire.

I can't really review it because it isn't a brand new map, but if you didn't have SWBF1, or even if you did, DOWNLOAD THIS. NOW. Your life means nothing without it.

For those who have not owned or played SWBF1: Geonosis Spire was more to the mvoies, with the spire and war room where the CIS leaders met, and a few Techno Union ships which were the targets on the Republic. It had a hangar with a few Geonosian fighters, ATTEs, Gunships, Spider droids and Hailfires.

Enough talk. You play now.




Map name: Geonosis Spire

Author: Darth-Derkie/yokiehee

Description: This is a map from SWBFI. It has the following modes: 
conquest, 1 flag ctf, 2 flag ctf, hero assault and XL.

Install: Put the GO1 folder in C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon 
If you don't have an addon folder, create one.

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