Plain Plains - That's what I would call this map. Well, that or "Flatlands", whichever you prefer.

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Plain Plains - That's what I would call this map. Well, that or "Flatlands", whichever you prefer.

Rating (Out of 10)

Tech: 2 (There's a 2-flag mode) Balance: 9 (Two equal sides fighting each other on no terrain... One point off for the undeniable PWNage of the snipers) Quality: 0 (Unless you like miles and miles of endless grass, that is) Fun Factor: 3 (I'll admit: It is different, just not fun in any way) Stability: 10 (This map has no bugs or crashes. Of course, that's like saying that a dead guy has no diseases or personality problems) Creativity: 0 (Plain Plains) Item Placement: 4 (At least the CPs are close enough to each other, but when playing the 2-flag mode you have to run for MINUTES to reach the flag. And then you have to run BACK to return it!? Oh god...) Size vs. Usefulness: 1 (Too big, too useless, too big, too grassy and foremost, TOO BIG!) Originality: 5 (Entirely flat, indeed it is.) Installation Instructions: 8 (Luckily I already knew where the AddOn folder was supposed to be located)

Overall Rating: 3

Now to describe this map.

Conquest: Imagine a place where there are no objects, the ground is entirely flat, there are four symmetrically placed CPs... And nothing else. Well, apart from the troops running around and killing each other senselessly. That's it. Oh, and as the creator was frisky enough to mention about eight times, Anakin Skywalker is the hero of the Republic in this map. Han Solo and Boba Fett take the role in GCW.

2-Flag Mode: Imagine a place where there are no... Aw screw it, it's the same thing just with flags. The main problem with this is that you start at point A (Your flag) and must get to point B (Their flag). The calculated distance between point A and B is a couple of grass-covered miles. You'll be running, running, walking, running, running, getting killed by a sniper from across the map, respawn, running, running... It goes on and on like that. And if you actually get the flag, you have to return it to your base... I don't even want to think about that. Then you (hopefully) get to control a hero. I got Anakin when testing the map (Had to see what all the fuss was about), and with him you can at least cross the map without going bonkers. Actually, running for the flag and occasionally cutting down enemies was a bit fun, although my standards were probably dramatically decreased while playing this alpha of a map.

I guess that there is one thing that this map is good for, and that's practicing at dodging laser shots. Cause that's all that you will do if you play this map, unless you want to play some sort of Western Duel with a pal. Also, this is the creators first map, so don't you dare to say anything mean about it!

- Super_Shadowman "Blood Tears I cry"

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Creator Comment:

This is a little map I put together one day. It puts Anakin as the hero for the republic. This map is also a training map without the instructions. Unfortunately I couldn’t,(and please don’t laugh but) I couldn’t put any vehicle spawns or new cps or any changes to the map except the sky. So if your friends haven’t played Battlefront 2 on the PC, this is a great map for them… and Anakin fans! 


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Install and copy/move to addon folder
(If you don’t have one create one)

This is my first map and decided that some people I bet wanted to play as Anakin with the clones so I made a simple map with Anakin.

This map cannot be used or fixed or distribute by no one except me without my permission.

Just myself and George Lucas for the inspiration.


My e-mail is down so I cant respond to any one that’s not over on the comments on this file.
Made by: omega_66

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