"Grathe," by Yankfan, is another one of those detailed outdoor environment that the author usually does really well at.

Grathe is an arid...


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"Grathe," by Yankfan, is another one of those detailed outdoor environment that the author usually does really well at.

Grathe is an arid, grassy plain surrounded by cliffs. Thematically, the map is tied together really well - the sky fits with the rocks fits with the ground textures fits with the map layout. It does a good job at showing how effective a lot of subtle retexturing can be in creating a cohesive and original environment.

The map plays very similar to XL Geonosis, with a lot of units on the field (it would more accurately be called "Uber" instead of "Conquest," because the unitcount is more like the former) and a number of command posts spread out without a distinct pattern. The two teams start on opposite sides of the map and eventually run into each other, although the map is big enough that it won't be a constant clash at one or two CPs.

There are custom sides with the map - nothing complicated, just tweaks to the original units and some additional, similar units added on (like medic or support classes). The sides are nice changes, despite (or perhaps because of) their simplicity. Unfortunately these side changes aren't done in the most efficient manner possible, and they will add a lot to the download size for simple changes (which could be done more effectively through lua). Additionally, the side shell files were included too, which adds another unnecessary 70 or so MB.

Additionally, I could personally pass on the textures in the CW era; they made it very difficult to see the enemy. It's not all that fun, in my opinion, to just be shot from nowhere in particular and be left wondering what happened.

Anyway, it's not a complicated map, but it is a nicely done environment and worth your download to try out, at least. So give it a try!


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Download '' (120.53MB)

Installation Instructions
Copy folder X31 to C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon
If you don't have an addon folder make one

OOM-9 DC-15 Carbine
HUD Fixing
Mike Z for the original code
Majin Revan for his efforts and for making the topic
and FragMe
FragMe for the haywire detonator hud icon
Zerted for Custom Loading Screens and Free Cam
666rulerofclones for the EMP Grenade Assets
phyc0fred:for the dwarf spider droid

My stuff
AT-TE 4 person .odf
map itself
laser textures
and all the custom skins

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