Heroes on Geonosis

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Here's another swbf2 hex edit mod by eduapolin, this time replacing a map rather than a unit. This puts Geonosis in the place of Mos Eisley in assault mode, and though(according to the readme) it will still say Mos Eisley and have the loading screen, the map will be Geonosis.

I think it sounds good. Not everyone likes Geonosis, but when I played assault for PS2 several tims in a row mos eisley was starting to get real old.

To install back up the mission.lvl in BattlefrontII\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC then replace it with the one in the zip.

This guys mods are really making me wish I had swbf2. :|




This mod makes the mos eisley(assault mode) turn into Geonosis, for those who want the
HEROESvsVILLAINS mode on Geonosis
*Note*: The name and the loading screen still looking like Mos Eisley, but in the game, the map 
is Geonosis.


Make a backup of the mission.lvl locates at BattlefrontII\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC and then replace
the file with the one on this package.


Start the game and then pick MOS EISLEY(ASSAULT)... the loading screen will appear like if you 
were gonna play on Mos Eisley and wen the game starts, you'll be at Geonosis.


Just replace the mission.lvl with the backup you made =P

THIS IS FREE! Any ideas for mods, e-mail me!!

E-MAIL: [email protected]

Eduardo Apolinário(me) that maked the mod
"Sephiroth Revange" for the idea

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