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This map, by FelipeGabe, is a medium-sized map set on a planet with far too few vowels in its name. It's a first map, and for a first map, i...


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This map, by FelipeGabe, is a medium-sized map set on a planet with far too few vowels in its name. It's a first map, and for a first map, it's surprisingly well-done.

To get some of the bad out of the way, it's not a visually impressive map. It looks nice, but there are a few things - stock textures on the props is a big one - that makes it feel a little too "standard" to stand out. Retexturing the Tatooine buildings or the sail barge turret guns would have been nice and gone a ways towards making the planet feel like it had a standard visual theme.

The good is that the map is pretty well-constructed, and it plays very well. The map uses a "theta" design, basically a circle with a line through the center, and that's a good one for keeping the map flowing well. Some neat features are the author's smart use of elevation, some well set-up cover at some CPs, and one thing I personally thought worked well - the avenues of Mos Eisley buildings, which should not have stood out in any way, ended up being a neat way to corner off parts of the map.

All in all, it's a pretty decent map. Go ahead and take a look at the pictures and give it a try.


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Download 'hon.zip' (25.94MB)

Honoghr: Crash Site 1.0
By FelipeGabe


Important: This mod is not supported by Lucas Arts or Pandemic. I'm not responsible for any damage it could cause to your computer (it's not supposed to do so!). Still, you are installing it at your own risk.


This map takes place on Honoghr. A planet that became a lifeless place when a republic scientific ship crashed on its surface. The map itself isn't big at all. You will find a good number of vehicles and turrets spread throughout the battlefield. Use them and you should have no problem in acheiving victory here.


1. After downloading the map, click on Computer or My Computer from the start menu and go to ...LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/Gamedata/addon (if you don't have an addon folder, create one)
2. Put the HON folder there.
3. Run the game and Honoghr should be the newest map in your map list


I would like to thank my friend Gabriel for the few tests he did and the Gametoast Community for existing, allowing me to get rid of a lot of questions.


There are no known bugs. However, if you use a low-end graphic card, you may experience a drop of performance (mainly in the villages areas) if you play with the shadows on high. I believe its caused by the shadows of the Mos Eisley's buildings. Setting the shadows to low should solve this problem. Also, during the mod development, always when the map was tested with a music player running on the background, sound glitches were experienced in the game. I'm not sure if it happens only on my computer, but if you experience this, closing music players and other sound related applications should solve this problem.


Try playing the map with the AI units per team on max. It will make the map have much more action, giving you a more pleasurable gameplay.


Now, have fun and I hope you enjoy my map.


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