Hoth: Frozen Valley

This is version 2.0 of Commander_Jaspo's Hoth: Frozen Valley Map. This version makes a rather large advance gameplay-wise, with only a few c...


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This is version 2.0 of Commander_Jaspo's Hoth: Frozen Valley Map. This version makes a rather large advance gameplay-wise, with only a few changes.

The author removed the squiggly texture I mentioned in my previous review, which is nice. I also noticed that there were more rocks and objects, and the terrain was more varied. The AI did have trouble running into some of the rocks; the author must have missed them when putting barriers on the objects. The Command Posts have been moved a little bit, so it's not just a battle between the two front CPs.

The most important change, in my opinion, was the addition of speederbikes and Taun Tauns. They make it so much easier to navigate such a large map. Plus, the AI are pretty smart with them, using them to get at your rear CPs. This really helps move gameplay around the map more.

I only have a couple of complaints off the top of my head. Firstly, why do the droids start off Republic speederbikes? Shouldn't they have STAPs? Also, since the Republic has Taun Tauns, which don't have weapons, it's not a fair match-up, combat-wise. Another thing I'd like to mention is the loadscreen. It doesn't reflect the map in it's current state. Lastly, the area around the Rebel transport is has no terrain height variation. It's out of the way of any combat or gameplay, but it could still use a bit of touching up.

That's about it. A nice improvement on the author's part. Download away if it looks interesting.


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Hoth: Frozen Valley
version 2.0

The first map made by Commander Jaspo.

Explaination for droids vs. clones on Hoth? Do not ask. But they are there.

Rebs vs. Imps? Umm... I guess Han Solo and some of his alliance buddies were doing a remember-the-good-old-days tour of the galaxy, and were exploring those parts of the wonderful planet of Hoth that they had not been to before, and Fett showed up with some old-school die-hard stormtroopers who didn't care that the empire didn't exist anymore.
Whatever. Have fun.

The 3 letter code for this map is HFV.

Put the HFV folder in your addon folder, if you do not have one, make one in
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData

I did not use any elements not already present in the game; therefore I can not give or deny any permissions related
to the content. Exception: I created a texture for the hoth rocks, because it was missing. They are now ice chunks instead of rocks.
If you can figure out how to use that texture, go ahead, but good luck. I also used it as a ground texture.

Changes since version 1.0:

-Minimap image added
-Sky changed to Endor sky
-Loading screen added
-Texture added to the hoth rocks
-Ammo droids placed near the cps, a health droid placed at the rebel landing area
-Boundary activated so it is no longer possible to fall off the map
-Units changed to winter clothing
-Reinforcements increased to 200, on-field count increased to 30 per side
-Jump height increased from 40 to 50

Changes since version 1.1:

-Increased the number of cps to 11
-Replaced the "horrid" ice texture
-Added more ice chunks
-Added some elevation variation to the valley floor
-Added speeders for both eras and tauntauns
-Added sound to the imp speederbike and tauntauns (rep bike had sound already)
-Added barriers over all the ice chunks
-Added landing gear to the Millenium Falcon
-Got the manual troop count working (ubermode=1) and increased it

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