Hoth: Frozen Valley

Commander Jaspo's self-proclaimed first map is, well... it's very "first map." It's not really bad, like some maps are, but it defini...


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Commander Jaspo's self-proclaimed first map is, well... it's very "first map." It's not really bad, like some maps are, but it definitely leaves a lot of room for improvement.

Hoth: Frozen Valley is exactly what it says on the cover - a valley in a Hoth setting. The battlefield is essentially a big "U" made up of a string of command posts, so it plays like a bunch of command posts in a line, which might be ok, except for the fact that the CPs are so far apart. This is a common problem on "first maps," in my opinion - things just look a lot smaller in Zeroeditor than they do ingame.

And while there is certainly room for artistic freedom, the ground texture was very odd - I gather that it was supposed to be the epynomically "frozen" ground, but it was recolored in a very odd way that left lots of purple and some green inexplicably in a snowfield.

Other things I might mention - there is the seemingly-inevitable Yavin sky. You might like it, you might think it fits (I know I did in my first map, but I was wrong too), you might not want to learn how to change it - but it should be changed. While the author did a good job of concealing the sky's black bar at ground level, once you climb up a mountainside, it becomes easily visible. There were also some texturing issues - in that there were a number of rock props that were missing textures.

Sides-wise, while I have nothing against the stock sides (I like them), it might be nice to use the premade snow units that the stock hoth maps use. The Rebels stood out a lot in their jungle/woodsy camo in a snowy setting, and snowtroopers for the Imperials couldn't have hurt.

All in all, it's a nice idea, but gameplay-wise it doesn't work very well simply because of the size of the map. First thing I would suggest to the author is to get a good feel for size and how it relates to gameplay. Likewise, there are a number of things that could be touched up visually. If the pictures intrigue you, though, who am I to stop you? Give it a try.


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Hoth: Frozen Valley

Commander Jaspo's first map.

Explaination for droids vs. clones on Hoth? Don't ask. But they're there.

Rebs vs. Imps? Umm... I guess Han Solo and some of his alliance buddies were doing a remember-the-good-old-days tour of the galaxy, and were exploring those parts of the wonderful planet of Hoth that they hadn't been to before, and Fett showed up with some old-school die-hard stormtroopers who didn't care that the empire didn't exist  anymore, hmm, wait, Fett's dead...must have been another one of his clones that put on his armor once the sarlaac spit it out after deeming it inedible...or maybe this is just a part of the battle of Hoth that didn't make it into the movie. So between when the transports leave and the surface of the planet gets pulverized by  Star Destroyers. Or maybe a Hoth reclaimation attempt before RotJ? Except Han's frozen in carbonite then. 
Whatever. Have fun.

The 3 letter code for this map is HFV.

Put the HFV folder in your addon folder, if you do not have one, make one in
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData

I didn't use any elements not already present in the game; therefore I can not give or deny any permissions related
to the content.

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