Hoth: Frozen Valley

Hoth: Frozen Valley is just what it may seem; a frozen valley. And not much else.

The first thing I saw when I spawned was a horrid look...


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Hoth: Frozen Valley is just what it may seem; a frozen valley. And not much else.

The first thing I saw when I spawned was a horrid looking texture. It was purple and blue in a squiggly pattern. I don't know if this is intentional, or if this is an error loading the texture, but the author did mention "odd coloration of snow." The next thing I noticed was how flat the map was. There's walls on the sides of the map, but everything else is just flat, dull, and boring. And might I mention, quite a bit too big? The author did mention that he was aware of the map being too large, and that he had no intention of fixing it. My question is, why? The map just doesn't work being so large.

Which brings me to gameplay. It's the same old, repetitive gameplay you'll see in most beginner maps. ALL of the battle will take place between the two middle CPs, with the outside four being ignored completely. It takes a while to walk from one CP to another, and the scenary is bland, so you'll likely end up bored and just give up. Also, since the combat all takes place between two CPs, there's likely not going to be any reinforcement drain, meaning the battle could take a long time.

So, while this is a minor improvement over the previous version, the author still has a lot to work on in terms of both gameplay and environment. Give this a download if it entices you, and make sure you read the readme for installation instructions if you need 'em.


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Hoth: Frozen Valley
version 1.1

Commander Jaspo's first map.

Explaination for droids vs. clones on Hoth? Don't ask. But they're there.

Rebs vs. Imps? Umm... I guess Han Solo and some of his alliance buddies were doing a remember-the-good-old-days tour of the galaxy, and were exploring those parts of the wonderful planet of Hoth that they had not been to before, and Fett showed up with some old-school die-hard stormtroopers who didn't care that the empire didn't exist anymore.
Whatever. Have fun.

The 3 letter code for this map is HFV.

Put the HFV folder in your addon folder, if you do not have one, make one in
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData

I did not use any elements not already present in the game; therefore I can not give or deny any permissions related
to the content. Exception: I created a texture for the hoth rocks, because it was missing. They are now ice chunks instead of rocks.
If you can figure out how to use that texture, go ahead, but good luck.

Well, likely due to a Windows Vista stupidity, I accidentally submitted version 1.0 again the last time instead of 1.1, and in the process lost my 1.1 readme, so this is my second writing of it.
In other words, hopefully I won't forget anything. With that said:

Changes since version 1.0:

-Minimap image added
-Sky changed to Endor sky
-Loading screen added
-Texture added to the hoth rocks
-Ammo droids placed near the cps, a health droid placed at the rebel landing area
-Boundary activated so it is no longer possible to fall off the map
-Units changed to winter clothing
-Reinforcements increased to 200, on-field count increased to 30 per side
-Jump height increased from 40 to 50

I kept the odd coloration of the snow in areas the same because I think it looks cool.

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