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Well, this is supposedly the "finished" version of bobfinkl's "hoth mountains" (formerly "...hills"). I haven't played through his earlier v...


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Well, this is supposedly the "finished" version of bobfinkl's "hoth mountains" (formerly "...hills"). I haven't played through his earlier version, so I won't attempt a comparison.

This is a decent map - or at least it could be, if the author had taken a little time to get some things right. The author didn't set up extra command posts correctly, and as a result it's a real pain to play conquest on. I know the author lists this as a bug, but that's not really an excuse to not correct something that major. The end result is that to capture the command posts, you have to go to a different spot than the one indicated by the actual post object ingame, and there's nothing really there to let you know what you should be looking for.

There are also a couple of appearance issues - another one of the author's "bugs" is a large black texture that appears in the sky. If I had to bet, I'd guess that the author just copied the Hoth sky file and didn't copy over the files relating to the Planet Defender ion cannon (which is represented as a feature in the Hoth sky). The terrain could also use some smoothing, and there is an area where a bunker is meeting terrain and it meets it incorrectly. Finally, I found myself wondering where "Obi-Wan Kenobi along with the 102nd Legion" (as mentioned in the readme) was. I don't ever recall seeing a legion different than the 501st (not that I have any gameplay issue with this, it's just that the readme says something should be there that isn't).

The map itself is good, in terms of design, and some of the appearance stuff can be overlooked, but really, the fact that conquest isn't properly set up really drags down the map. Hopefully this'll be fixed in any future incarnations of this map.


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Hoth mountains v1.0

cw story: obi-wan kenobi along with the 102nd legion has been sent into the mountanious
regions of hoth to track down count dooku and a droid army

gcw story: the rebels are retreating to a hidden base in the mountains and the empire
follows as luke skywalker leads the rebels in the defense of their evacuations

1. the most major bug is the cps they show the wrong position on the minimap 
to find the cp's go to the hp and ammo boxes on the map 3 of the cps are correct
2. if you go around the large mountain you will find a glitch in the sky (thats why the mountain
is there)
3. the empire should have an atst but it wont show up, the republics hovertank works though

note: this is the 1.0 version of hoth hills


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