Hoth Underground

Here's a simple map of the "tunnel wars" variety. As explained by the author, you're somewhere underground on Hoth, with which comes the...


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Here's a simple map of the "tunnel wars" variety. As explained by the author, you're somewhere underground on Hoth, with which comes the requisite tunnels.

The author states that this isn't a very big map- and it's very true. There's only one command post per team (so if it gets captured, game over), but with a map this size one CP is all right. The gameplay is pretty straightforward - press your way forward as far as you can towards the enemy's command post, but it's mostly about getting kills. The map isn't limited to one tunnel forward, which is nice, because it sort've breaks down the bottlenecking effect that happens in a lot of tunnel maps.

There's a lot of "junk" strewn about, crates, containers and the like. It's a pretty good-looking effect for this kind of map, and I like it. There's also a replacement for the Imperial officer - the dark Bothan spy (which is just a retextured Bothan spy unit). I guess it makes things a little more equal in GCW.

All in all, it's a very simple map but it's pretty well-put together. If you're interested in the whole "tunnel" gameplay give it a download.


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Download '' (4.44MB)

Hoth Underground by ={|[email protected]|}=

Version 1.0

This map includes two CPs and can be played in Conquest-Game-Mode.
The location is the underground of Hoth.You are in a tunnel-system cut-off of the outside world.There are many crates and pipes.
This map is not very big but doesn't matter.
There is a new unit for the empire .... a  "dark bothanspy".
There are AI paths and barriers so that the AI don't stand arround doing nothing.
I don't know if i will make a new version of this map ..
I just can say ... download and play and please give me feedback..
Sorry for my bad english...I'm not english.

Installation instructions:
1. Download and install the patch if you haven't already.
2. Unzip into your "C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Battlefront IIGameDataaddon" folder. If the addon folder doesn't exist in that location, create it.
3. Now the map will show up in the game in your list under Hoth Undergound.

You don't need the patch,but if you play swbf2 in 1.0-mode this map will appear as HUG%s_%s in your list.

About this map:
This is a small tunnelsystem with many crates and pipes in Hothdesign

Map features:

The imperial officer was changed into a "dark bothanspy"

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