Hypori: Grievous Attacks

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One of the best episodes from the Clone Wars series made into a SWBF2 map. For thosewho didn't watch the series, this is when Grievous stomps out a Jedi padawan, then takes on six jedi and beats the crap out of them systematically until an ARC team shows up to save the day. This is also the first episode where Grievous reveals himself to the jedi. In the show the Gunship drops explosive charges and uses its guns to destroy large piles of SBDs at a time, which I guess explains the massive number of droids, but they still tend to over-run the republic. Regardless, this is a quality remake.

Most of the action seems to be around a crashed Acclamator, with a city of wreckage where it landed. the droids are swarming in and the Jedi are trying to fend them off. There is another Acclamator landed beyond some hills supplying the Jediwith reinforcements. there are a couple of ARC gunships and a local team of ARC troops spawning. I also saw piles of Mace Windus and Yodas running around in places. Considering what a challenge it is for Republic to win I would think the outnumbered ARC troopers would be made especially strong but if you like a tough fight then don't worry about it.

Thereae no notable bugs however playing in GCW my framerate dropped considerably, and I noticed large columns of smoke that didn't seem to be there in CW. It didn't seem to lack any attention to detail like most maps based on a single era. Looking at screenshots of one of the older versions this map has improved a LOT, if you played theolder versions you'll really see the difference.

Curiously, Grievous has force jump.




(SBF) Hypori: Greivous Attacks

This is really an XL map rather than a conquest map.  Playable in both GCW and CW.

CW Story/Background:
The setting is at a crash site on the planet Hypori from the Clone Wars Animated Series.  This is where General Greivous made his first appearance and greatest strike.  You can either play as Jedi, or as the enourmous CIS army.  Around 18 jedi at a time vs. more than 200 droids.  Fortunately, a division of the Republic's Clone Army has recently touched down and will help the Jedi fight the CIS army.  Victory is possible for each team.  This battle is the beginning of the end for the Jedi, whether they win it or not is up to you.

Known bugs:
Republic Gunship tends to fly wherever it pleases instead of following motion paths, and occasionally crashes.
Cis droids occasionally try to find a shortcut to the center of the crash site by walking straight into it, but most follow the correct path.


To install simply download it to any location, then extract the zip file, and move the folder labelled "GRV" to C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon or whereever your addon folder is located (you might need to make one), then run SW Battlefront 2, and you should find the map in Instant Action, or in the list of maps to make a server Online.


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