Imperial Base Beta Version



This is the beta version for Imperial Base, Star Wars Battlefront II. Infantry fights in corridors and vehicle combat in a huge hangar.

Side changes:

- Character movement slowed down, jump height reduced.

- Rifles and Blasters are more powerful ---> more realistic and more star warsy gameplay

- Many weapons need to be charged up for full effect; grenades can be thrown farther if you hold the mouse button.

- Most weapons become more accurate/inaccurate, depending on your stance and movement.

- The engineer´s health packs have been replaced with a medikit on the secondary weapon slot, which basically works like a fusion cutter.

A complete and detailed list of all the side changes will be delivered with the final version.

Things to do for final version:

- AI Improvements

- Map Improvements (glitch fixing, texturing etc.)

- Localization (Weapon Names)

- Various fixes



Installation: Put folder DIB into: Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData/addon

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