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Jade Moon, by Jaspo, is a nice, fresh addition to our SWBF2 map archive. Set on the, well... Jade Moon, it has a large series of platforms leading up to a hangar as well as a large ground surface.

This is a very large map. Up front, large is the word. I would even say too large - this is the biggest singular thing I noticed about the map, above any of the good - which is too bad, because there is a lot of good stuff too. To be effective and have tight, concise gameplay, the map should be about half as large with nearly the same amount of command posts.

But the fact that the map is a lot of running around and chasing the other team's CP captures aside (but this is a big aside), the map is pretty good. I like the conceptual design at least, with the platforms and the hangar and the ground battle.

What you'll be quick to notice is that the majority of the map is custom models. This is always nice, and adds a lot to how new and original a map feels. The models aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination - actually, the models may be very nice, but their textures don't do them justice. Some of the textures (most of the little bunkers) are too large and low-resolution to look nice, while others are too "tiled" (main hangar textures). While I wouldn't usually let bad texturing slide, with new models I'm willing to be lenient, simply because new models are so crucial to having an original-feeling map (and I won't be hypocritical either - my building textures certainly aren't pro either).

Anyway, while this map as a whole isn't the best, it was a new and original experience, which is my #1 priority when I'm looking for a map. This won't stay in my addon folder, but it was a darn sight more fun to play through than a lot of the maps we recieve.




Jade Moon
version 1.0

Commander Jaspo's second/third map. The second to be started, third to be finished and submitted--the Prakith competition entry was inserted between start and completion.

The 3 letter code for this map is JAG.

Put the JAG folder in your addon folder, if you do not have one, make one in
C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Battlefront II/GameData

GCW: Luke Skywalker leads a Rogue Squadron raid on the ATAT production facility on Jade Moon, accompanied by a simultanious ground assault.

CW: Yet another battle of the Clone Wars, apparently.

In attempt to make this feel as much as possible like a stock map, I kept stock sides and vehicles and used only original prop and building models. I created all of the custom models in this map using Blender, then exported as VRML 97, and converted to .MSH using the SWBF MSH Viewer.


Conquest: Full-map battle with ground and air forces.

CTF: Capture the flag with ground and air forces.

Hunt: Actually not a hunt mode, it's a second conquest mode where the Rebels/Droids assault the ATAT hangar in a multi-story brawl. I guess the Imps/Clones are the indigenous species. It uses a conqest lua and works reasonably well despite the
two-dimensional planning and barriers. In other words, I did the best I could but the units hopelessly love plan skipping wherever there isn't a barrier present--and I wish they didn't switch direction where the connections intersect, and they gather together on the ground level in a fruitless attempt to capture a cp above them...*sigh*.


Lucas Arts/Pandemic for everything that's there that I didn't make.

Modtools documentation

Gametoast: http://www.gametoast.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=13806

Rends' "adding missing sounds" tutorial,

Majin Revan's vehicle adding tutorial.

AceMastermind's Deathregion tutorial.

I also glanced at a ctf tut by Teancum and a hunt tut by 1z2x3c.

Contact me if you wish to have my models to use in yor map. If you know how to acquire them without my knowledge, you may use them but must give me credit.

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