Jade Moon

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This version mainly features the addition of a UT-AT command vehicle and reduced reinforcement count.

Originally added 12-28-2013

The map was not reviewed when it was released, but here's the review of the earlier 1.3 version:

"Jade Moon 1.3" is Jaspo's third? revision of his original map Jade Moon.

Structurally, it remains very similar to its first version, with all the accoutrements that bears. It's still a little too large for my tastes, but there does appear to be a better job done in populating the world. I'm not a fan of big maps as a rule, so bear that in mind.

In any case, this version is a slightly updated change of the past versions. Its most notable change is the addition of two community-made new vehicles to the CW era. There is a full listing of changes below. It mentions that flyer splines were added, but I still often saw flyers crashing - I think a reduction in the amount of flyers would be beneficial. The author made a change to the behavior of marksman units, and while it may have been to his liking, I could have done without it. It was very irritating having the AI with their inerrant accuracy snipe at me from who-knows-where.

The addition of the vehicles is a nice change, but a minor quibble - their weapons are all missing localization.

I stand by a lot of what was mentioned in the first review above, and I think one of the neatest things to see in any future revisions of this map would be an overhaul of the models and textures - they serve their functional purpose well, but they don't look all that pretty. All in all, it's still a decent map. If you've enjoyed past versions, go ahead and give this a download, you'll also like it.




Jade Moon

by Jason Gieske (Jaspo)
jaspojag1 at gmail dot com

GCW: Luke Skywalker leads a raid on the Loronar Corp ATAT Production Facility on Jade Moon.
CW: Not inspired by canonical events.

modes: conquest, 1flag ctf, hangar conquest

Also lazer tag will be available if you have that mod installed; the script for it was included with that mod.

All models created by me or LucasArts/Pandemic, except:
HAVwA6J by Icemember
AT-AP by FragMe!
"The UT-AT model was created and skinned by DooFi.
t551 attempted to get it in-game, and upon becoming confused, Psych0fred finished the job."


To install put the JAG folder in your addon folder.

If you do not have an addon folder, create one in programfiles/lucasarts/swbf2/gamedata/

Changes since 1.1:

*removed hard edge glitches from terrain texture
*improved the pathing, especially on the walkways
*added a second ATTE in CW and repositioned the 2nd ATAT in GCW so the AI actually use it again
*made stuff that was supposed to glow glow
*made stuff that was supposed to be transparent transparent
*added a few models here and there
*decreased the unit count in hangar conquest
*decreased the reinforcement count in hangar conquest
*increased fly height by 5
*new load screen
*fixed localization so hangar conquest is now labeled as such on the loadscreen
*activated the death region under the hangar

Changes since 1.2:
*changed the platform layout quite a bit to reduce AI confusion/falling off of platforms, as well as to add interest
*changed the locations of a few cps slightly
*improved/changed the planning and barriers in the AT-AT hangar and in the map as a whole
*added HAVwA6J and AT-AP to cw conquest
*added AT-RTs to cw conquest and AT-STs and Imperial fighter tanks to gcw conquest
*added all missing sounds for these additions, except the ywing turret sounds do not work
*added flyer splines
*added a mapbounds region and redid the minimap
*anchored some floating cps and health and ammo droids
*fixed the death region so it actually works now
*changed the flyers around a bit in conquest mode
*greatly increased the soldier view distances and sniper ranges
*added a lot of hint nodes for snipers and mines
*increased the proportion of snipers and assault units in conquest mode
*set the AI difficulty to 5,5 (increased it) in CTF, conquest, and hangar conquest modes
*console texture now scrolls vertically
*there could be more that I am forgetting, not sure

Changes since 1.3:
*Localized the weapons for custom vehicles
*Added UT-AT for Reps and Imps and got its sounds working
*Changed Conquest reinforcements to 400 from 750
*Changed Hangar Conquest reinforcements to 300 from 350
*Changed Conquest AI difficulty from 5,5 to 4,4
*Changed Hangar Conquest AI difficulty from default to 4,4
*Removed A CP to accomodate the addition of the UT-AT (a command vehicle)
*Fixed some memory pool allocations, including one that was limiting the number of droidekas to 8 (script calls for max. 10 otherwise)
*Added a ramp to the platforms
*Updated the minimap to show the added ramp
*Changed barriers and plans to accommodate the added ramp

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