Jedi Enclave

For all those who haven't played KotOR. Jedi Enclave was a secret Jedi academy located on Dantooine. This map made by Game_Jedi is supposed...


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For all those who haven't played KotOR. Jedi Enclave was a secret Jedi academy located on Dantooine. This map made by Game_Jedi is supposed to resemble that of KotOR and it does in a way. It has GCW Hero Assault only with two CP's, one for each side. Its mostly indoors except for a small landing area with a wall around it where the Heroes spawn. There are barrels in the hallways and outside but in some way it seems empty and there isn't much to hide behind.

As he says in the ReadMe the AI basically just stand there. You might be able to fix this by adding AI Paths. Anyway, there are no major bugs, the only things I noticed is some of the wall textures are glitchy and the terrain is still the default Yavin texture. I suggest changing it to a more Dantooine color as you can see out of some of the windows. There's a black ring in between the sky and the terrain. its clearly visible outside and through some windows, adding in large hills in the background might help. Another thing is the map ceiling is not set very high so jumping isn't very easy outside, I suggest raising it just a bit so that you can still jump and fly without leaving the battlefield.

Adding custom KotOR sides would be a major improvement and changing the things mentioned above would make it a lot better. As said before there isn't really much you can do in Single Player but it would be fun for Multiplayer. So if it looks like something you would like give it a download since it isn't very big.

Last of all I'd like to thank everyone for welcoming me on the Staff and I hope I can be some help here!

-Delta 47

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Jedi Enclave

by Game_Jedi

Jedi Enclave is basically what its title suggests: the secret jedi enclave on dantooine from kotor. 
this map looks almost exactly like that of knights of the old republic. many details from the game
have been put in as accurately as possible. this is a hero assault map that i mainly suggest for 
online play and duels, like the assault mode for tatooine. if you do use AI, the results may not 
please you very much. while they dont walk into walls, they mainly just stand in place until an
enemy(you) comes in and attacks. then once they swarm and kill you, they just stand still again.
yea, that sucks. well, looks like its online play for you ^_^ 

this map has no known bugs except for the ai problem. this map was made to express my liking of
kotor(i am sorry to say that the hero/villiam teams are not kotor heroes ): ) and because there
doesnt seem to be enough dueling maps. 

Credits: Rends for the coruscant city props.
         Caleb1117 for the dantooine props, the stone wall prop, and the "casual" props(like the bed and the television)
	 lucasarts for everything else
         if i forgot anyone i sincerely apologize, and it will not happen again.


Happy Playing!

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