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Here are 7 New Jedi skins and 2 starfighter skins you can use in your maps.

They are: Plo Koon Saesee Tiin Kit Fisto Obi-Wan Kenobi (...


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Here are 7 New Jedi skins and 2 starfighter skins you can use in your maps.

They are: Plo Koon Saesee Tiin Kit Fisto Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode 1) Quinlan Vos Tholme A'sharad Hett Mace Windu's Jedi Fighter Saesee Tiin's Jedi Fighter

The first 4 anyone probably knows as Members of the Jedi Council. Most Expanded Universe fans know who Quinlan Vos is. Tholme is Quinlan's master who survived Order 66. A'sharad Hett, is the tusken jedi seen in the Republic comic series. He was present along with Quinlan on Salecumai prior to Revenge of the Sith. His fate is currently unknown.

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Jedi Readme

First, Credit for the Eletric Jugement goes to -_- over at

Secondly, I apologize for the poor screenshots of certain characters. Several are old shots of the character and don't resemble
their current incarnations.


This is rather easy if you followed the Jedi Creation doc. 

1st. Drop any of the sides into your data_***/SIDES folder, where *** is your 3 letter world.
2nd. Make sure you have the Common folder from your  Assets/Sides/Common in your data_***/SIDES.
3rd. Go to your data_***/_build/sides folder and make a new folder. Name it the same as one of my sides that you copied (example: PLO) and copy the munge and clean.bats
from the data_***/_build/sides folder into your new folder. The hardest part is done.
4th. Go to your data_***/common/scripts/*** folder and edit you c_con.lua or any other lua you desire.
5th. Only if you are using vehicles, you'll need to add a vehicle spawn or edit and existing one and add the new unit name.

Here are all the names of the sides and the unit name:

Plo Koon: PLO.lvl , rep_hero_plokoon
Saesee Tiin: TIIN.lvl, rep_hero_saesee
Kit Fisto: KIT.lvl, rep_hero_fisto
Obi-Wan: OBI.lvl, rep_hero_tpmobi
Quinlan Vos: VOS.lvl, rep_hero_quinlan
Tholme: THOLME.lvl, rep_hero_tholme
A'sharad Hett:  ASH.lvl , rep_hero_asharad

And the vehicles:


If you are adding Plo koon add a line above one of the ReadDataFile("SIDE\***.lvl"  I used the Republic as an example.


It should look like this:


Then if you want Plo Koon as a hero scroll down to:

    SetHeroClass(REP, "rep_hero_ep3anakin")

and replace rep_hero_ep3anakin with rep_hero_plokoon

    SetHeroClass(REP, "rep_hero_plokoon")

Save the lua and that's it. Plo Koon should now show as a hero.

Now to get the name to show, you'll need to localize. This takes minutes and is easy, so please for my sake, add the names:

 Go into your data_*** folder and click editlocalize file. Once that is done loading up do the following:

Expand the entity branch. Click the entity branch then select and expand rep. From the top options find and select Keys. Select Add Key
Type in hero_plokoon in the new box. Then in the white box, type in Plo Koon for the name. No more x000whatever. Now if you choose to use the yellow saber,
you'll have to change the weapon as well.  So select the weapons branch and expand it. and repeat the steps. So: make a scope named plo, add a key named weap then make another key
named lightsaber_yellow (or orange if you desire) Then in the white box name it Lightsaber. And no more plo_weap_inf_lightsaber_yellow. You'll also need to localize if you use Electric Judgement.

For those of you who hate the arsenal I've given each jedi, I've included a couple odf's in each side.

Lastly, while you are free to use these skins in any map provided you give me credit, I ask you don't use or modify my textures.

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