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Look everyone! A file! Oh my gosh... Vyse, the author of the highly popular "Legend of Zelda" map (http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront....


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Look everyone! A file! Oh my gosh...

Vyse, the author of the highly popular "Legend of Zelda" map (;66346) is back with his new map based on the attack on the Jedi Temple, as seen in Revenge Of The Sith. Unfortunetely I can't give a review because my disc drive is dead. I'll give ya'll a moment to take that in...

Good? Good. Like LOZ, Jedi Temple is made up entirely of Vyse's own models which look incredible just from glancing at the pics. Many of you will probably feel like you're in the movie fighting off Jedi or invading clones. In addition to this there are new weapons, units, and custom lightsaber attacks.

Also take note that this map does not work online, and there are a few collision bugs with the pillars.

This is about all I can say since I can't play the map (it's okay to cry guys) but for more info read the ReadMe, look at the pics, or even better: play the darn map.

Good job Vyse! I'm sure everyone will have a blast with this one.

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Jedit Temple: By Vyse
This is my second map for SWBF2 that I have completed. It's based off the attack on the Jedi Temple from Episode III. Due to errors I had to change it to the standard side. There isn't a single model from the shipped SWBF2 though.(except for the units of course) Hope Everyone Enjoys! :)
->Custom Lightsaber attacks from XSI
->Custom Units
->Whole map made from custom models
->New Weapons/models

Map/Models By Vyse

Beta Testing by Epena & commander_fusion (Excellent testers)

Place the JTV folder (located in the same folder as this read me) in the addon folder for you SWBF2 Directory.
Known issues:
Some collision problems with pillars.

Does not work online. Too many custom objects. :(
Special Thanks To: 
Lord Bandu
Majin Revan 
Sorry If I Forgot Anyone!!
My Website:

One of the best games ever BTW.

   _____ __   _                    ____   ___                        ___      
  / ___// /__(_)__  _____   ____  / __/  /   |  ______________ _____/ (_)___ _
  \__ \/ //_/ / _ \/ ___/  / __ \/ /_   / /| | / ___/ ___/ __ `/ __  / / __ `/
 ___/ / ,< / /  __(__  )  / /_/ / __/  / ___ |/ /  / /__/ /_/ / /_/ / / /_/ / 
/____/_/|_/_/\___/____/   \____/_/    /_/  |_/_/   \___/\__,_/\__,_/_/\__,_/

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