Kadrala: Islands

Kadrala: Islands, by Skammer_216, is a fine example of how to make a map feel original.

So often, it's easy to see a desert map and think...


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Kadrala: Islands, by Skammer_216, is a fine example of how to make a map feel original.

So often, it's easy to see a desert map and think "Tatooine" or a woods map and think "Yavin IV" - or a snow map and think "Hoth." This is one of the aforementioned "snow maps," but it doesn't scream "Hoth" - in fact it does a very good job of feeling like its own place.

The high point of Kadrala lies in its environment - easily. It's a very well-set-up islands map, with not too much water but enough to make it feel like islands. A liberal use of objects dotting the terrain helps very much in creating the feel of a place, instead of the feel of a map. Creative attentions to detail include clone bodies lying around as props and local creatures kept in pens.

It's always nice to see new sides, too, especially when they're well-put-together. The sides on this map sort've accomplish that. On the plus side, they don't feel gaudy or un-uniform, and some of the weapons are pretty creative. However, on the downside there are a lot of bugs that need to be squished - that should have been squished - before release. There are some missing sounds for weapons and there are a number of "award weapon bugs" - a couple of which have no effect other than being an inconvenience and a couple of which freeze the game.

A couple other points of interest: There's a hybrid conquest mode (1flag on Instant Action) available which is a nice change of pace - although holding the CP for two minutes seems to be a bit long, in my opinion. There were also a few more assorted bugs - as mentioned below in the readme (no localizations for the Acklay team can be added to that localization bug note).

Definitely a map that is worth trying out, but the crashing/freezing bugs make it a touch tricky to play.


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Download 'kadrala.7z' (28.95MB)

Kadrala: Islands
Enemy forces battle across a 'Snowmad' Encampment, and the near freezing sea around it.

Beautiful setting (well, I think so anyway).
Completely custom sides for CW, including two vehicles.
GCW left in for those who like it, but no custom sides.
Very little lag, even on high settings.
Lots of custom textures.
***NEW*** Game Mode - 'Control' (shows up as 1-flag on instant action menu). Capture the central CP to start a 2-min countdown to victory. Lose the CP and lose the timer. Other team takes the CP and timer to victory starts for them.
A small Easter Egg.
Lots of custom fishies swimming around!!!
Dangerous animals in pens....let them out and they'll attack nearby troops.

Put 'DIS' in your addon folder. To uninstall, delete it from addon folder.

Looking straight up at the sky (ie into the middle bit) in freecam causes crash. No idea why, have changed sky file completely several times.
Sky has line where textures don't quite match up. Hardly noticeable.
Switching teams in Control mode screws up the timer display (displays both teams timers at once).
A few weapons *may* be unlocalized.
Control mode shows up as 1-flag CTF on instant action menu.

Pandemic/Lucas Arts - BF2/Mod Tools.
Gametoast users - for Modding support. Lots of it.
AceMasterMind - caped Grievous.
FragMe! - for the MAF (compiled some BF1/2 assets, although these were changed a lot). And for the MAF sound lvl.
Wazmol - for dead clones.
Fingerfood - uploading BF1 Assets.
Commander_Fordo - clone skins.

Anyway, have fun!

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